Work from home: An In-Depth Understanding

The usual notion of working from home is as simple as bringing the work at home, finishing the tasks at home, and submitting the outputs digitally. Well, yeah! That’s correct. That if you don’t know much anything more about working permanently at home.

This pandemic period (most especially) has given a lot of professionals switching routine from their office work to working-from-home. May it be permanent or temporary, others are still in shock of the real culture and routines of the digital jobs.

They said: “Working from home affords you flexibility, but it also demands a lot from you in return.” THAT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE. That’s why this article is all about to understand fully the real “work-from-home”.

Let’s just say, you switched the new normal – The Digital Home Employment or commonly called as the work-from-home. There, your couch is mainly your office chair, you commute in your own home, especially the hallway when you snack you just go to the fridge, get what you want and dine however you want. You can even eat like a monkey if you like. WORK-FROM-HOME is real and it is the new norm. In my experience, work-from-home is really an advantage and very effective for most professionals especially those who have flexible time. Why? Because you are in total control of your time while doing multitasking like juggling family and work.

Though working from home might sound so comfortable to most of you, it is also very important to understand it better. To maximize your engagements, arrangements, and your time for yourself as well, understand the PROs and CONs of working-from-home.

Here are some of the potential advantages and pitfalls to be mindful of:



You work with your yoga pants on, your pajamas too if you like. You can finish the job without taking a bath, putting the make-up on, or even combing your hair. Depends on you really. Everything is all up to you because the most important thing is only to beat the deadline, submit the finished tasks, comply with your client, and just focus on your niches. Working from home means you’ll learn to rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration. The importance of time management and scheduling is the most important skill to focus on.

In this kind of job, you just have to be really focused on the job and tasks given to you. Working from home doesn’t mean you need to sit on your couch and watch your favorite TV shows and just let your workstation wait for you for hours.

Become savvy is all the tools and apps digital jobs have to offer. From emails to Skype to everything app your niche has to focus on. You should consider all of that.


Working from home may lead to burning out. It is because it can blur your home from your work. But if you are diligent enough it may sound like another advantage for you. However, in most cases working from home without time management and work management will lead you to a more stressful life.

It cuts your social relationship. You have the feeling of being off from the real world. From the laughter and small chitchats from your colleagues to walking home or being on the train and just seeing the world as it rotates naturally for you. You will feel locked up.

Also, technology might give you an advantage of being savvy on it where you can learn a whole lot more tools, plugins, and apps, these things though are too easy to memorize and too interesting they can divert your attention from being attached to your family to isolation.

You might also be misinterpreted by others of slacking. While others are sacrificing going to the office, you might be mistakenly told of being too ignoring of the real work.

With all these ideas where you might feel I am pushing you away from working from home. No. That is not the point I am taking. In fact, I must say that working from home is a perfect career choice. I just want you to understand what it is really like working from home. So that you won’t end like anybody else who jumped in and regretted it.

Here are some of the tips you might want to consider first in working-from-home:

 1. Become present on camera.

Get engaged with your clients and team by being communicative on camera. Being aloof and shy on camera won’t help you. You will just ruin the opportunity given to you especially who you are facing is already a lead or a prospect.

 2. Be appreciative.

Digital presence means developing your most delightful side. Become grateful and appreciative as much as possible. A positive energy should illuminate more in you when your presence is only digital.

 3. Become more professional.

Set up a workspace and limit your household chores. Working from home means not being attentive to what you should look when you work. Be more professional than the person you are in the office. Be very keen on how you should look and how your workspace should look.

4. As much as possible stay away from the noise.

Though it may be okay for those with non-voice jobs, try to consider the webinars and meetings you are to set with your team and clients.

5. Be always part of the team.

When you have a client, become his team. Always keep in touch so you could know how to adjust from.

6. Never forget you have a family.

Set a time for your job and another for your family. Avoid mixing the two.

7. Lastly, always learn every day.

Every day is a learning process, that should always happen too when you go digital. Balance your tasks and your schedules. Balance your relationship and your niches.

It is not really that hard to go home-based. It is an advantage others need to discover. Understand the nature of working-from-home and start identifying your niche. You might consider enrolling in a class and get your skills developed.

Learning starts when you educate yourself and let others educate you.

A Web Designer is one of the most in-demand Virtual Assistance jobs. It is also one of the highest-paid services. Not to mention, the Web Designing niche is usually on a flexible schedule. Most clients would give you your time control and that you just have to beat the deadline. You know what it means to have a flexible time right? It means a balanced relationship between your family and your job. Besides, what is the purpose of working hard?

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