Why Some Freelancers Fail?

Looking upon the internet, you can see hundreds or thousands of freelancers moving around the online market. Each one of them has their tricks and secrets on how to hit the client’s qualification. You can see many freelancers who made their testimony of success unfortunately, others are still fighting for several months or a year to land a project and would fail.

In every undertaking, it values patience, sacrifices, determination, perseverance, and passion. You cannot just go through to what we call “ green pasture”, but everyone possibly experiences failures and disappointments before hitting success.

That is why it is better to listen to the experts to make the process a little bit easier. Freelancing is just like any other job that we need to set ourselves into the person who makes success possible.

Many freelancers indeed succeed in this field. However, there are some cases where freelancers fail to make it. Unfortunately, they forgot to consider the competition in the online market.

Every freelancer must consider the client’s guidelines if they want to make a name in this career. Thus, it is necessary to avoid the following mistakes.

Freelancers Mistakes

1. Disorganization

Once you have your contract to work in a client, you need to organize everything. Every little thing must be in the exact place before starting any task.

Freelancing is an opportunity to work remotely where the client entrusted you with the task. Thus, you must be able to find ways to stay organized.

An excellent freelancer is a techie one. It is necessary to look for apps to help you organize your work. You can have Freshbooks for invoicing, TeuxDeux, and RescueTime are advisable for Social Management Task.

Some freelancers are having difficulty in organizing their work, install the Pomodoro Technique to set working minutes/hours. Moreover, Toggle is beneficial in tracking your work.

2. Got a lot of Excuses

A freelancing career is giving your commitment and dedication. You cannot be an extraordinary freelancer if you will give less.

Do not fail to meet deadlines by providing invalid excuses. If you have a poor internet connection, find ways to secure a stable internet connection. It is about agreement and trust. The client trusted you to get the task done in a range of time.

Your excuses (if done repeatedly) will ruin your reputation. It will lead clients to withdraw from the contract or not to be interested to renew your contract.

3. Impatient

Freelancing is never the same as working in a company. You need to stand on your own, learn the techniques and skills at your own pace. You should know how to create your brand among the competitors. If you do not know how to sell yourself, you might be left behind.

In the world of freelancing, you must put in your best and efforts without counting your sweats. Every successful freelancer starts with unlimited patience. They have gone a lot of struggles before getting success on their hand.

4. Inaccurate rates

A freelancer must know how to rate her services. It is not right to provide an excessive rate scale when your services are so low. On the other hand, do not ask for a low rate if you work excellently.

You have to calculate your skills, knowledge, and experience in giving your rate. You should know how to balance these things. Otherwise, you will not win.

You have to get the correct estimation of every task or project. It would be unfair to lose gains while paying more for your electricity, supplies, and other necessary things.

Your work should suffice your basic needs and other necessary bills. Thus, you should be wise in rating yourself to keep you living in this kind of career.

5. Afraid to Spend

Successful people do not rely on free items. They spend it if it upgrades their skills.

Do not be afraid to pay for online courses if you need a coach to teach and guide you. Do not count how much you spend. As long as you are learning the skills and apply them to its best, you would enjoy gains after all.

Some freelancers fail to continue on their journey because they do not want to spend. They are waiting for free offers. Yes, there is free training on youtube that can even provide knowledge. However, if you choose these ways, you must be willing to learn by yourself.

6. Bossy Character

Humility is always a good sign of an admirable person. If you have several years of experience and the ability to compete in the freelancing market you will fail if you are bossy. Stay humble even if you become the most reputable freelancer in your batch. There’s no need to boast oneself at the face of your client.

Show respect with the persons you are working with.” Respect earns respect”, old people used to say that. So, why would you not do it if you the same thing?

The bossy character will surely pull you down from the peak of your career. Many clients prefer to hire individuals who display positivity over skills. However, attitude plus skills is a perfect requirement for work.

7. Cannot Work Alone

Freelancing is not the same as working in a company where you’ve got few or more companions. In this kind of work, you have to do not need colleagues to complete your day. There is no someone to laugh with you, take coffee with you, or have lunch together.

Moreover, companions while working may distract your focus. Remember: you need to finish your task before it would be too late. Otherwise, you will lose opportunities, clients, and money.

These freelancing mistakes are not just experienced by one or two persons but by many. Some freelancers did not succeed in this career because they have these mistakes.

If I would ask if you want to succeed or not, of course, you will say the better. So, are you willing to avoid these mistakes? Do you think you can be a person of dedication and hard work? Do not doubt yourself but keep upgrading your skills.

The market is full of competitors who are battling with the same goal as you. That is why, learn the tips, do research, and never count your sleepless nights. Remember: a coward will always be left behind while the one who excels himself will find paradise.

There is nothing to worry about because there are dedicated individuals who are gifted to train and guide you along the way. Follow the link below to keep you on a guide.

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Written by: “Frorie22” An apprentice from batch 25