What to choose in building a website: Website Builder or Hire a Web Design Expert?

The common confusion from a business owner is usually which one to choose between a website builder like WordPress and the rest which are available online, and a professional web designer or developer.

If that’s how a business owner thinks, he cares for his business. That is guaranteed. Why? Because he knows he needs a website to showcase his online presence, and integrity correctly. Having a website will reflect one’s credibility and authenticity. That could only mean that you are not a fake, or a scammer. Your audience can trust you and what you can offer.

Let’s gradually discuss the importance of a website builder, a professional web designer/developer, and which one is perfect for your business.

Comparing and See the Difference

Let us show off the Pros and Cons between the two choices. As a business owner, you have to note that you are going to spend some amount in building a website in either choice that you choose. So this way, you can see what is best for you.

The goal is not to eliminate the idea between website builders or web designers, but to understand better which one suits your need.


Anyone can have a website. That is the main purpose of a website builder. Why? Because it is easier. There is no coding needed unless you prefer to have some little coding yourself.

Without much designing knowledge and no website building training, you can rely on website builders.  Templates with numerous availability can help you out sort the perfect look for your decent website.

Below are the Pros you can count on website builders:


  • Website builders are available for free. Yes! You can absolutely have your own website without spending too much. It is good for a start. If you want to move a little advance, like having your own domain, you can have a paid subscription which will not really cost you big for an annual fee.
  • Speed is not an issue with website builders. They are guaranteed fast.
  • Online users who would want to have a website can build one without much knowledge about a website. You need not be so tech-savvy to understand. You just need dedication and time. Your eagerness to have a decent website will keep you there.
  • Too many templates to choose from.
  • No coding is required. You can absolutely build one without coding knowledge.


  • No design fundamentals especially if you are availing of a free design. The templates will control you. You can just change them a little bit, but will not serve you if in case you want something better than the template made available for you.
  • There is a big chance that you will have a duplicate site. This means you will have a competitor with the same template used.
  • Believe it or not, website builders are hard to manage when it comes to SEO. This means you have fewer chances to rank your website in search engines.
  • Time-consuming for those who do not have enough knowledge about websites and building one. Because you have to understand it first before you can even proceed.

So what is the purpose of Website Builders?

Budget-conscious business owners prefer website builders. Beginners in business such as vloggers, small businesses, non-profit, those who are just doing it for the sake of their hobbies, and the rest of the businesses with low budgets.


If you want a highly customized website that is perfectly suited to your taste and preference, and you have a good budget for it, you choose the professionals to do it for you. Hire one to create your unique branding and authenticity.

You are guaranteed can standout with the rest of your competitors too.

Below are the pros and cons of hiring professional web designers and web developers to help you sort out your preference.


  • Everything is professionally design and uniquely customized. Professionals can create your preference and can make it come true for you. They are able to make your website work in creating the best navigation for your users/audience, design according to your liking, and make them run smoothly.
  • Professionals never forget SEO. That is their main target every time they build a website. So bearing that in mind, they surely will make your website rank by making SEO successful from the very start.
  • Considering professionals have all the knowledge when it comes to building a website, will save your time. There’s no need to study the whole. They just need to understand your goal, and take everything that you want in mind, and make them all live.
  • You can always make changes abruptly in accordance with your wanting. Since they are hired to build and create a new one, you are guaranteed not dependent on a template. So you can always make changes however you want it.


  • Professional web designers and developers are expensive. Well, we all know what. This type of skill is rare. And if find one or all of them, they are all the same expensive professionals.
  • When it comes to launching, you can’t just hurry. It usually takes 2 months or more in order to have a perfectly running website.
  • Do not just hire because you want one and you are hurrying up. Always check the professional you are about to hire. Check background, portfolio, especially the reviews.

So what is the purpose of a Professional Web Designer or Developer?

Their main purpose is to put your imagination into reality. They can make everything happen because they are educated and trained to do the coding and create a unique website for you.

This might cost you much compared to website builders because professionals as mentioned are expensive. They are as well usually hired by big companies.

They are highly recommended for big companies and those who are already running for long in digital business.

Final Words

My final words are simple. If you want to have a website you need to consider the risks. You can earn your reward if you are to choose the one that is perfectly suited for you. If you are a low-budget firm or business, or just starting up, don’t throw away money like garbage. Consider website builders for a start. A lot of startups last with using website builders. And still able to continue with their digital presence and create conversions on their own.

If you are able to pay professional web designers and developers, you can always choose them. It will give you peace of mind because you know, the website you want will be achieved in whichever angles you want.

So either way, as a business owner a website is really important.

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