Website Building: A Standard to Beat

Precision in engineering, clarity in medicines, justice in law, PERFECTION in Website Building.

There are several factors to consider in building a website. Some of which are consistency, color, typography, imagery, simplicity, and functionality. These are just a few of the key factors in website designing, which will eventually contribute to how a website should be perceived by its audience. A well-designed website captures the interests of the visitors and helps build trust.

This is the initial stage of what was stereotypically termed as PERFECTION by the designers. Engagement from the audience and satisfaction from the client are important for web designers.

When no one is perfect, should perfection be the sole standard for all designers to abide?

The problem of Design Stereotyping

Both WELL DESIGNED and FUNCTIONAL are the best qualities of a good website and the primary qualities as well. The secondary are: Easy to Use, Optimized for Mobile, Fresh, Quality Content, Readily accessible contact and location, Clear calls to action, Optimized for Search and the Social channels.


As a web designer, one should take into consideration that perfect is a kind of stereotyping designers have to endure. Why? Because a successful web design requires proper organization and must be responsive. If you cannot perfect the responses, especially coming from the audience, you might end up with unending discussions with your client and worse, he will terminate you for not performing really well.

Intuitive to users

As a web designer, you need your website to be intuitive to users, easy mobilization and easy to locate. Here you are to apply your SEO knowledge. Before you work on the website design itself, sit down to figure out the main pages and what categories are you up to for your website. Designing is not just making a draft, putting some colors and displaying your output. No. This is not a kind of masterpiece you can do abstractly and still become buy-able and pricey.

Everything has to be certain in website designing. Perfection is a kind of standard you need to beat. Though we can go beyond perfection itself, as we are human prone to imperfections, some things are acceptable and can be discussed over a cup of coffee with your clients.

Identifying the Imperfections

As a web designer myself, I can tell the difference between perfection and imperfections. They are both needed in website building.

Whilst, in perfection you can have commendations and rewards from your clients in general, which we all dream of in this type of job. Imperfections, on the other hand, can trigger feedback which can be your bases and triggering factors to achieving a perfect website design.

Part of figuring out the flaws are sleepless nights, preoccupation and frustrations. From there, it is unavoidable to become unproductive. I can also tell that it is absolutely normal for someone who exerted a lot of effort and ideas and then was revamped.

Problems on designs also challenge your efficiency, work ethics and behavior. Most designers are passionate about their crafts. Passionate people tend to get frustrated when they see something beautiful and ugly in the eyes of their clients. Knowing designers have two masters, the client and the audience. The level of stress he is absorbing is draining. More so, if the design is not even commended and accepted.

So How Do you Actually Beat The Perfection Standard?


As a web designer, you must accept that websites go under the trends. So whatever it is that your client is kept on changing, it is because our technology changes every micro millisecond. As well as the trend which should always be incorporated in your website building. Accept the fact that you should always be in-line with the trends. Therefore, all websites are all unfinished.

Put a period in finished projects.

Changes are inevitable. They are constant. Whatever changes are, whenever they are coming, put a period of your finished tasks or project. Let the client know that you are done with what has been agreed. It is hard to run after changes, by doing so, you will get stuck to where you initially started. Let your projects become accomplished.

Happy clients mean accomplishment

Communicate with your clients constantly. Never assume and don’t send unfinished projects. Keep them informed every step of the way. Change is inevitable but keep it at a minimum. Revise and finalize your work.

Bag along with you the criticisms, suggestions, feedback whether good or bad. Learn and learn each day and keep growing in designing.

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