Learn how you can Start up and Get Clients Effectively as an Introvert Freelancer

Starting up and getting clients as a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant can be overwhelming and challenging especially for Introverts. Right? That is why we have created a safe community exclusively for Filipino Introverts where you can get support and learn how you can successfully thrive as a Freelancer and Virtual Assistant and be able to find clients effectively as an Introvert.

Discover the 10 Effective Steps how you can Get Clients as an Introvert Freelancer


Does these sound like you?

  • I want to know how to start as a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant
  • I’m not sure if I have a skill to offer
  • I’m struggling in getting clients
  • I don’t have too much time to study
  • I’m getting overwhelmed with too much information
  • I need someone who can guide and push me to start

Can you relate to all of this? If yes, then read on because I just might have something to help you.

Hello, my name is Michelle

I’m a Web Designer and Virtual Assistant helping Women Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Coaches build their online presence and grow their business through Web Design and Digital Marketing solutions.

If you know, I am a 100% Introvert. Yes, correct! And after many years of being in a corporate world, I’ve realized that Freelancing has been the best decision I’ve made because as an Introvert, I can work from home, spend more time with my family and have the freedom to do things on my own. Because of this, I was able to pursue my interest in becoming a Web Designer and I’m truly enjoying what I do. But starting up and getting clients can be a challenge to anyone and can be most overwhelming especially for introverts because we’re not comfortable networking with people and we are often seen as shy, quiet, reserved, anti-social and so much limiting belief that many think being an introvert is a weakness.

But the truth is, being an Introvert is so powerful that there’s so many qualities we actually have such as being analytic, creative, detail oriented, independent and most of all we are good at listening to people (rather than talking) which gives us an edge in dealing with businesses especially in the freelancing world. And that’s what I’m here for, I wanted to help fellow Introverts who are struggling in starting up and getting clients, because I’ve been there myself and I’ve managed to learn the techniques on how to effectively find clients as an Introvert. I’m here to help you discover your potential because being a freelancer is not really much about being an expert and trying to compete with others in order to win a client, but it’s really more about finding the right client to work with, giving solutions to their problems and helping their business grow. 

Are you ready to join us?

Learn how to start up as a Freelancer and get clients effectively with our Freelancing and Virtual Assistant Training.

What you will learn:

  • Starting up your Business and Designing your Brand
  • Building a website using WordPress
  • Designing your Website
  • Online Store and Dropshipping
  • Landing page and Email Marketing
  • Content writing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management and Marketing
  • Marketing your Business and Getting Clients

AUGUST 6, 2022, Saturday at 8 pm.

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

If you are looking for a type of learning that has:

  • Live interactive weekly training (for 8 weeks every Saturday 8pm) instead of just watching pre-recorded video lessons that can quickly become outdated, plus your questions will be answered immediately.
  • With replay, of course! You get access to recorded live trainings that you can watch at your own pace (for lifetime and no pressure)
  • 1 topic for each live weekly training because we understand that you are busy and we don’t want you to get overwhelmed
  • With practical tasks each week to help you learn and apply the lesson effectively
  • Techniques that will help you find clients effectively whether you are an Introvert or not
  • Training in Taglish (para mas maintindihan mo ang lessons, and you won’t have to feel intimidated)
  • With guidance from me as your trainer and a community support designed for Introverts

Being an introvert can be powerful. Anyone can be successful in freelancing as long as you understand the techniques and strategies that you can implement in finding the right client you want to work with and be able to deliver your services well in order to help businesses solve their problems.