Working From Home tips During the Pandemic

Coronavirus hit the whole world with a vast of death and fear. Many companies shut down due to bankruptcy. While other companies got no choice but allowed their employees to work from home. This setting is a challenge to everyone but there is no choice.

Tips to Working from Home:

1. Consider Proper Grooming

Many ignore the importance of proper grooming. However, grooming is like a mind-conditioning. Do you remember that when you get dressed, you have the feeling to perform by your attire? Is it right? I remember a friend who used to put lipstick even during ECQ. It is to condition her mind that she has tasks to do. She has tried not to fix herself while at home then, she does not have the energy to do anything in a day.

Working at home does not need to dress formally compared to report on duty, but by the time you change your clothes, you are setting yourself for something to do.

Getting dressed is a signal to fix yourself by taking a shower, put some powder and make-up if you want to. Anyway, it is not necessary to wear office attire as long as you appear to be pleasant. Physical appearance still counts when you join live chat. Do not forget that your outside appearance may give an initial impression to anyone who sees you.

2. Prepare a Better Workplace

Some freelancers failed in their jobs because they ignore the importance of having a better workplace at home. It is a big challenge to the freelancers on how to separate your work from home from your daily chores. Freelancers must consider this to make freelancing goals achievable. It is to think about deciding to navigate a freelancing career. Failure to separate these two things might lead you to be unproductive.

Try to think about how you separate your home chores from office works. It is because you work in an office away from your home. Thus, when you work from home, you must prepare a better place to keep you undistracted. A physical room is not necessary to have. You can still work in any part of your home as long as you have the focus.

It is good to make your workplace comfortable where your shoulders can lean in a better chair. Make your lighting good at all times. It is also necessary to keep your surroundings clean and organized. It is to make you feel better while at work. Make sure that your workplace would convince you to start your task. Your place must be the perfect area for you to accomplish your daily job. If you do not love your area, you might not like to start doing it.

Other freelancers love to work while having flowers around them. On the other hand, others love to face their garden while doing their work. It is to keep their day fresh and lively.

3. Determine your Working Hours

After detaching your work at home tasks from your home chores, you need to determine your working hours. It is necessary to make a schedule to work so that you also have time for home/family. Unorganized working hours would affect your time for your family or yourself.

Some freelancers fail because they do not set working hours from non-working time. Mixing your hours to both would make your work unorganized and maybe fail.

Working at home is being able to organize your time. The time for work must be the time to face your laptop to do your task. Then, remember to stay away from your computer after working hours. You can take time to breathe fresh air or recharge yourself for the other day.

4. Make the transition Work

Employees who used to work in an office for several years would find it hard to work from home. They might not be able to adjust to the atmosphere they belong to.

So, if you have decided to change your career, then make the transition meaningful.

For instance, if you are used to taking a ride of yourself every morning in a well-conditioned car. Then, do not be insane if you stay at home for the whole day due to work from home. You can find another thing to replace your morning routine. You may play with your pet, take a walk to your garden, or may listen to your favorite music.

Do not think to punish yourself during the adjustment period. Everything can gradual until you can embrace the transition. You can support yourself in being happy from the new world you are at. All you need to do is to accept where you are now and love your situation. Then, everything will follow.

5. Stay Focus

In anything that you do, you need to have your focus. In any field of work, distraction is a challenger to cope up. People who are easily distracted are the ones not in total focus.

The things that you encounter at the office may present at home. Do not let your home chores to distract your focus.

Others know very well how to set aside other stuff but get distracted with the news like coronavirus updates. It is good to listen to the current updates to learn what is going on. However, it should not add trouble to your work-performance. Hence, it is advisable to watch or listen to news updates after doing the task. It is to avoid bothering your attention.

A freelancer should get focus on his task to pass the quality standard. It is observed that lack of focus results in incompetency.

Successful freelancers take timers with them. They set time to do several tasks and on to take breaks. It is to set the mind to work or not.

6. Communication

Everyone who works in an office communicates most of their time. Communication is necessary not only for conferences and reports but for a healthy working style. It is one of their stress-reliever to share one’s idea, experience, and thoughts.

It is a way to convince a boss or a colleague for an idea or proposal. Communication exists in work and it is effective in agreeing to a decision.

If you fail to communicate effectively, you might not hit your goal. Thus, though, you will be working from home but communication stays to be a necessary tool. When you need to check your client’s approval, feedback, or a new proposal for another project.

If you pursue this career, think not to hesitate to call or talk to your client every time you need it. There are many ways to communicate: texting, emailing, or calling for a face-to-face conversation.

7. Take time to socialize

Clients hire freelancers not to sit at home but for a purpose. Freelancers must act to achieve the goal of the clients through your work of expertise. However, it does not mean that you have to imprison yourself in your workplace. Never cut your social interactions with your friends and family. You can be with others to throw stress from work.

If COVID is still scaring the health status of every individual, then you can make it through social media. You can meet at different apps. You can express yourself and wear happiness to cover your lapses.

There is no need to find reasons for socializing yourself. It is enough to make yourself feel happiness even by getting together with lunch, watching a movie, or playing app games. Socialization is necessary to forget your bundle of tasks and allow yourself to be free from anything even for a day.

It is up to you how to keep your circle of friends. A piece of advice is to remember your group’s interest. If you prefer to experiment for a new recipe, well, it’s good. When the world is in fear of a pandemic, we can still find a choice to cherish our life.

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Written by: “Frorie22” An apprentice from batch 25