Small Entrepreneurs’ Guide in Building a High-Quality Website

Being an entrepreneur does require a strong digital presence especially on Social Media and owning a website that represents your branding. While Social Media presence can keep you engaged with your target audience, your website can keep your integrity and legitimacy. It can also keep your target audience and customers check on what’s new to get updated about your products or services.

So yes, there is a need to build a website even for small businesses.

A high-quality website is the best idea for entrepreneurs even how small your business is. Why? Because it is the only one you need to leverage your online presence which provides relevant content, useful content, a good user interface, and a good user experience. In the midst of all the fake stories, fake news, and scammers online, people always look for something that is authentic and legit. Only a high-quality website can prove that authenticity and legitimacy.

So how should we create a high-quality website, without spending too much effort, time and money?

Let us tackle first the “NEED” to own a website as an entrepreneur.

Why should I need to own a website?

To answer that you need to know the benefits of owning one:

1. Promote branding

A website can advertise your digital presence accordingly and with relevance. Your website, your business, your branding. A website can display suited ways in digital marketing to effectively advance your chance to catch your targeted customers or your potential clients.

The more you promote and advertise your business, the more people will look for your website. Owning one gives you full control of your own business, your story, your branding, and your promotions.

2. Sales

By owning a website, you can sell your products and services without exerting too much effort in advertising and promotions. You can just do it freely online without hassles and bustles.

You can save your time and effort in doing and making sales online. It increases your chance to earn your ROI (return on investments) the fastest way it could. You also have the chance to go higher in reach, impressions, and engagements among your target audience.

The more you become present online, the more people will look for you through your website, the greater the range of customers, the better for your business.

3. Easy help-line

You can serve your customers or clients 24/7 without having to exert too much effort and waste too much. For customer inquiries and questions, you can always set a chat portal or chatbots or you can answer right away with the use of your mobile phone which is a smarter way to get acquainted and reach out to your customers.

Owning a website also gives you the chance to put all the FAQs so that customers can see all the basic answers they need to know. You may also have your landing pages have available answers for all the possible customer inquiries. Or answer all the FAQs with the use of your blogs so customers can learn and discover your business nature better.

4. Up to date landing pages

Always get engaged with your customers. If you do it through daily posts in your social media presence, embed your website so it can lead your customers to have a visit on your website.

Update your blogs on a regular basis, post what’s new on your landing page, make product or services announcements on special occasions, celebrate holidays and inform your customers of the sales or promotions you have, and just introduce new products or services that you have.

Celebrate hourly updates too like for example if it is your business anniversary. Invite your customers using your website to make announcements and keep them excited so they will join.

How to should we create a website? Finally, here it is!

It is not that complicated to create a website for small businesses. You need not be a nerd and so smart at coding to create one.

As a simple entrepreneur, you can actually build one if you are not that busy. But if you have difficulty in handling your time to build one, you can always ask someone else to create one uniquely for you.

Here are the steps:

  • Have a budget for building a website. Small entrepreneurs usually are busy people. You will run out of time if you will build a website yourself. Because even if creating one requires no knowledge in coding, it can eat up all your time.
  • You are going to need someone to do it for you.  In doing so, you need to spend a little part of your money to pay for the building of your website.
  • You need to buy a domain for your website. You need to have one because it can keep your business authentic, unique, and reliable. You will have your own URL and you can rank your website as well because search engines only recognize websites with unique and authentic URLs.
  • To store your data and information you need hosting. It keeps your website running and keeps it up all the time. Have a host which can serve your needs right. Often, domain registrars also offer hosting services.
  • Design your website. You may not be as creative as an artist or web designer, but you as an owner of the business do always have preferences and wants when it comes to your branding. Plan your branding that includes your fonts, colors, designs, etc so that when you decide to have someone build one for you, the designer will know your business branding and preference. Make a draft of all the information that your business has and include this information on your landing pages.
  • Choose the theme that suits your preferences or branding. This will affect everything that you have on your website. So you need to make a plan and decision on this matter. Also, make sure that your theme matches everything on each landing page that you have.
  • Always aim to rank on search engines. This can help leverage your business and get noticed. Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can always help you advance compared to your competitors and leverage your visibility.
  • Utilize Plugins. For more important usage of your website, utilize your plugins. Take advantage of the useability and reliability of plugins. You can use them especially in processing payments, messaging, or customer helpline. An example of this is eCommerce. There are still a lot of plugins that you can use to your advantage.
  • Do not forget to publish. Customers can only interact with live websites. If you didn’t publish your website, it can never ever be visible.
  • Always tune up your website. You don’t have to do it always but do it on a regular basis. It is where you can maintain the running and security of your website. Always take note of safeguarding your website especially from malicious content and viruses. Always protect your website from any possible cyber attacks.

Are you in need of finally building your own website? Start with us. We know we can help you with this.

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