Simple Hacks to Get The Target Clients for Your Web Designing Services

This is the struggle of all virtual assistants who until now are still looking for target clients who could understand their worth and who would give the rightful pay.

Was it something like you are also struggling about? You are not alone. This is normal especially for beginners who are still joggling time and effort plus the enhancements of skills and in a hurry to meet the ends each day.

During these challenging times, some of us VAs might think:

Can I ever get a client during this period?”

“Can I even demand for a rightful pay or just stick to what is below minimum pay just to sustain everything?”

“Is there any hack that I can learn so that I can finally earn and learn the application of my skills?”

“Is web designing still an in-demand skill, knowing businesses around the world are sustaining and some are fortunately closing?”

The rest of the questions you have in mind goes on. Well, all the answers to that can only boil down into one: YES, you can. Pandemic might be affecting the global economy but most businesses are still sticking to the usual business and sustains. Others even progress to betterment. Web designing skill is one of the best known in-demand jobs which most businesses are looking for. So you don’t have to worry too much. Just keep going with what you need to learn and develop as you also go on with life in the midst of these challenging times.

As a little help from me as a web designing coach, I am going to share with you some simple hacks which I know you can really use in searching for potential clients.

Let’s start with the basics which are also the powerhouse of all niches. I often mentioned these tips in most of my articles, and this time I am going to get you immuned with these again.


  • Become active and involved with your social media channels.
  • React to your subscribers and followers, even if they are not inside your niche, may it be your relatives or friends. Get acquainted and build a strong relationship especially with those who can be your potential network.
  • Always be creative with your contents. Post consistently and avoid nasty ones. Create contents which can encourage yourself and others. Never attend posts which can trigger hate and anger. You might loosen up too much and keep others away from you, especially your right audience.
  • Capture your leads by having a powerful landing page which can trigger their interest in you.
  • Always emphasize your web designing niche. Be clear on that.
  • Find yourself in all freelancing platforms, groups and marketplaces. There, clients can see you even better. You are lucky if they notice you if you are being updated with your accounts there.
  • Keep some time to reach out to your target clients.
  1. Active social media presence

In our present age, scrolling is the best known “talent”. Yes, talent. Funny, but it is a skill everybody has already memorized. That is almost the same with most potential clients. Everybody loves scrolling nowadays, so take advantage of that. Become active with your socials.

Showcase your personality and branding everyday. Let people know what you do and what you can offer. As a web designer, your skill needs a lot of exposure not only on the website that you built. Social channels are the best tools you can use to display everything that you have and finally get noticed.

The usual social media channels where most clients love to visit are Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. As a web designer, activate these social channels and become present consistently.

Here are some tips which you can apply in each social media platform that you need to improve:

  • Facebook is the primary platform where you can always have your family and friends basically to start with. Post consistently everyday with good contents that you created and invite them to repost or share to advertise your web designing niche. This strategy will call out some people’s attention, and you’ll never know, your first client might be just inside your own circle.
  • Instagram is the perfect platform for advertising and getting personal as a web designer. With the right hashtags, you can expose your niche and skills to the right audience. There are a lot of VAs already who got hired because of their Instagram strategies as a web designer.
  • LinkedIn is a perfect community of professionals. You can earn a lot of potential clients there. The professional network in LinkedIn is massive and undeniably huge. Become present and active in this kind of niche and always use hashtags which are related to web designing to advertise yourself even better.
  1. React to your subscribers and followers.

Don’t just earn people in your circle. Win them from the heart. Remember that the power of words matter in all instances as a VA. A simple thank you or reaction, to what your subscribers and followers are showing to your posts really make a lot of sense as a web designer. It is another form of advertising.

The more you get personal to your audience, the better. They will know that you are not a robot and that you are always present. This will also assure them that you are available immediately.  Target clients prefer VAs who are interactive and present all the time.

  1. Always be creative with your contents.

As a web designer, probably writing is a total opposite when it comes to your most passionate about, but always remember that people around the internet especially the clients are always willing to check on your website especially if they are interested in you.

So you must also be very keen when it comes to writing articles or contents to your website. A little taste of your infographics to promote your services along with a catchy article, even once or twice a week just to let your audience know you are there and that your website is updated.

Strong social media contents matter in your niche, how much more the contents of your website. Put everything beautifully and creatively on your website which showcases your expertise, that is where your credibility matters the most. Trust me!

  1. Capture your leads by having a powerful landing page.

This is one of the best qualities of a web designer, which is the creativity in landing pages. Use this prowess to build your own branding so your client will get more impressed.

This is the easier way that you can share your creations as well to all your social media pages.

Don’t forget to put the testimonials from your previous clients, family and friends on your landing pages. As I am telling you most of the time, the power of words really matters if you wanted to earn a client fast.

  1. Always emphasize your web designing niche.

Specifying your niche will help most clients to look for you the easier way. Also, you can find your client faster as well because specifying your niche can be led by certain hashtags to bring you to the perfect audience.


Being specific is the quickest way that you can be found immediately by potential clients in the field of web designing. By doing so, you can also master a certain niche that you prefer. Specialization as well, can help you name your price.

  1. Find yourself in all freelancing platforms, groups and marketplaces.

By being as active in as much as you can, clients can see you even better. You are lucky if they noticed you. Updated accounts are really catchy simply because they are up-to-date. Clients will have no doubt about your existence, credibility and authenticity.

Create an account in freelancing platforms available for you. Upwork,, Fiverr, etc. are just a few examples where you can build your portfolio for client visibility.

Join groups for web designers and web developers as you may just have the same clients looking for potential freelancers to work for their teams. Become active in the group and create a harmonious relationship among other web designers/members of your groups.

Please note that there are some freelance marketplaces that will make you drop your prices in order to remain competitive. There are some marketplaces that value quality above all else. You just have to prove them by showing off your portfolios and update all your business accounts, most especially your website.

  1. Reach out to your target clients.

This is one of the hardest things to do but this is proven effective by most web designers. It works for most freelancers because they are doing it right. This may be that last thing that you can do, if other tips really don’t work for you. You can always send cold emails to your target clients. You don’t multiple emails, you just have to stick to your targets. Here are a few tips to look for your targets:

  • Make a research.

Research the websites of the clients that you are targeting. These target clients might be present in your network, your social groups, and the people who kept on reacting to your posts or contents.

  • Study their websites and analyze what needs to be done more.

Avoid criticizing other websites. Make suggestions in your cold emails. Site the problems, the possible cause and the remedies you know which are already effective. Show them proof and tell them about your services.

A video recording of what you have discovered to be defective in a target client’s website would be a nice way to show them off about their website problem. Provide them commentaries, suggestions and tips.

By doing so, you might catch their attention by being so keen on the problem and just fast in serving solutions.

  • Contact your target.

After all your brainstorming, don’t waste your time and send ahead your prepared email. This might be nerve-wracking but you’ll have the best way to target potential clients.  Communicating what you have finally done is one of the best practices by web designers looking for clients. So keep calm and send the email.

Are you still intrigued by what more hacks I can share with you in targeting potential clients? I am very much willing to help any web designing wannabes. If you have the same passion as mine, if you have the potential, if you feel you wanted to do it, just kindly let me know.

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