Power Up Your Business Using Social Media Marketing

Social Media is undeniably a powerful tool of communication. With millions of users that access every day globally, Social Media has become the most favorite digital meal of every individual of all ages.  This is where Social media marketing comes in next.

Given that it can be accessible to all, a marketing strategy that could expand businesses and reach global citizens was developed. For many years now, it was the best practice a business owner can have as one of his business strategies to grow business.

So if you think you were left out from this global trend which has become the most effective among all marketing strategies, let your business power up now!

The power of Social Media

As of the second quarter of 2021, there are about 2.89 billion Facebook users that make Facebook the biggest Social Media Network worldwide.

For Instagram, there are about 1.074 billion, Twitter has 199 million, Youtube has 2.3 billion, 689 million monetize active users this year 2021.

These statistics only reflect how Social Media becomes the most tool to connect with your customers.  Many business owners have been using this cost-effective marketing tool because aside from it can connect you to the highest customer reach that you are targeting, it will as well help increase your profit. To skyrocket the revenue and returns, digital presence around social media platforms is of greater need.

Social media’s main purpose is visibility. That is exactly what we need in targeting business growth. We grow business through reach, impression, and engagements. Social media marketing with the clearest visibility can help you achieve your initial goals.

One good content posted consistently every day can call the attention of your target audience. With the right hashtags and keywords, you could grow your audience through miles in an instant. This means that you can grow your audience and followers and keep your business ahead before you could even compete with your right competitors.

Let your social media platform work

First question. Is there a need to become present on all social media platforms to make my business work? There is no need to do that. There are different algorithms in all social media platforms. You don’t need to become present on each platform. You just have to figure which platform works for you.

In accordance with your branding style, product or services offered, and social media preferences, you can build your social media presence. Most businesses grow their business using Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok because these 4 platforms are the most popular and have the presence of audiences of all ages.

Plan your demographics and target your customers, then look for them on social media. Your insights into each platform can help you figure which platform is most effective for you. Be also consistent in posting your content. Make sure all your content is relevant and trendy. You don’t have to target how to become viral, you just need to be catchy and able to draw the attention of the majority of your audience. That way you can gain followers and earn more and more clicks. That way you can tell that your social media presence is becoming effective.

More clicks mean more followers, which means more engagements that can generate more possible converts.


Aside from consistency, an effective social media campaign must be something relevant to your branding. Always mention your brand, the products, and the services you offered, and always take note of the keywords and hashtags.

Also, take note of which content becomes the most engaging and effective to your audience. You may have the best graphics or images posted on your social media platforms but without engagements from the audience, it means there’s something missing. So how do you listen to your audience’s responses and non-responses? Go to the social media platform insights. It will feed you the information that you need to grow your digital presence.

Always become present in all your customer digital journeys. Keep track of what they are up to and get personal to them. If they make inquiries, in as much as possible answer personally.

Segmentation of platforms

Find the right audience according to the platforms you are using. You can have your audience segmented by choosing one platform and observe the demographics according to interests and age.

Just like for example TIKTOK. You can never have audience ages from 50 yrs old and above on this platform. If there are, they are just very few. So if the products and services you are offering are for the older generation, choose Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn instead. They are most likely love to interact with families and friends, and only Facebook can offer this type of algorithm. Tiktok is for millennials as they say, and that is true. So if your target audience is younger ones, choose this platform to introduce your branding.

Each platform was already segmented according to its behavior or algorithm. As a business owner, you need to be very keen on these characteristics so that you can have the basis that you need to figure which platform you can best find your target audience.

In need to power up your business now?

Use Social Media Marketing to finally make it! Earn your target audience and followers ahead of your real competition. Let us help you grow your business using Social Media Marketing.

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