My Virtual Career Journey

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by in my website. As this is my very first article, let me share to you my journey into entering a Virtual Career. If you are an aspiring Virtual Professional like me, then you can probably relate to this.

I am a working Mom with two adorable boys and I am currently employed for 12 years now. Work is great and very challenging. My colleagues and managers are very nice to work with. Work could be stressful most of the time. But, I’m glad to be part of a team that really helps out one another. So, there’s really no problem with the work itself and that’s what made me last for 12 years with them.

Now, what made me think of shifting into this work from home career? If you’re a Mom like me, you would probably relate to having the feeling of longing to have more time with our kids, right? But our financial situation sometimes wouldn’t allow so we have to continue to work in order to support our family. At first when we only had our eldest, the expenses are bearable, finances are just right, not too much and not too little. My husband and I are both working and our earnings are fair enough to support our only child. Then after some years, we had our second child. Now that we have two kids, I’m having the feeling of longing to be a stay at home Mom in order to focus on taking care of my kids, but yet our current finances will not be enough now that our family has grown, so I have to continue with my work. At some point, I tried applying in other companies specifically in nearer locations. I submitted several applications but I think I’m only being rejected for reasons I’m not sure, maybe because of insufficient skills that time.

It so happened that I found this work from home opportunity, thanks to social media. I have thought that maybe this is a good option since working from home will give me the benefit of having more time with my family and still continue working. I took a lot of research about it and what I didn’t expect is, working from home could give me a lot more benefits than what I expect.

WHY being a Virtual Professional is a good choice:

Though this job is not as simple as we think, it’s not easy and it will be very challenging. But, we have to go back to our reasons why we (if you are aspiring like me) want to enter this Virtual Career.

  1. Spend more time with our Family – This is my number one reason like I mentioned before if you’re a Mom like me, we want to spend more time taking care of our kids. More time to focus on helping them with their homework, be present in all their school activities, take care of them when they are sick. These things can’t be achieved easily when we’re working far away, because we need to take a leave when these instances arrive. But working from home gives us the time freedom. It lets us decide what time to work and have a break from it so we can then spend time with our loved ones.
  2. Higher earnings – Surprisingly, yes. Virtual Professional earn in dollars and get paid by the hour. We have the option to set our own rate, therefore we decide how much we want to earn. When I have come to think of it, I did not expect that these people earn a lot more than those like me who have already spent so many years in their current companies.
  3. Learning more skills – Virtual Professionals have to be very skilled in order to serve clients. Therefore it’s a must to establish our own skills. As I gather research about working from home, I’ve realized that I was only learning about a lot of these skills and tools only now. Why didn’t I knew about this things when I was working? I was just stuck with my routinary tasks in my current job. Plus, technologies are changing over time. Virtual Professionals have to be equipped with the latest trend to be able to cope up with the online business.
  4. Pursue on what we love to do – There’s a saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucius”. I actually graduated from Computer Science, but I was not able to get a work-related from it. Now, this is the moment I have been waiting for, I could actually pursue my dream to be a Web Designer/Developer. I’ve realized that I could actually study about this again through several online tutorials and finally land on my dream job.
  5. Avoid long travel hours plus save on transportation costs – Traffic is so dreadful here. We are always annoyed by the everyday traffic we face. In my case, I could actually endure the travel hours since I have chosen an early work schedule to avoid the traffic. But the transportation costs are really high. It eats up about 25% of my budget. And so, by working at home, we can totally relax because we save on travel hours and costs, plus away from potential accidents.
  6. Best for Introvert people – If you’re an introvert like me then I’m sure you would know this job is the best. I usually prefer to work in a serious mode. Sometimes when I’m really on a busy working mode, I get annoyed when people pop up on my side and ask questions or just crack a conversation out of the sudden. Yeah, I am most comfortable working quietly and talking to no one.
  7. Be your own Boss – Virtual Professional deal with clients. They are not our boss. They are our clients and they chose us to be their business partner. Meaning, we are asked to help them out in their business. We are not there to just do the work assigned to us. We should go the extra mile in helping them achieve success in their business. In other words, to be a Virtual Professional is to be Proactive.
  8. Having a Business mindset – This is related to my previous pointer. We are no longer an employee, we have our own business. Therefore, we serve our clients in order to please them and get them to work with us on a long-term basis or come back again for our service.

For now, those are the pointers I could mention. I could actually a list a lot more in some other time.

As of the moment, I’m still in the process of transitioning from the corporate work to entering a virtual career. Hopefully a few months from now, I will have to say goodbye from my current job and finally pursue my dream to be a Virtual Professional.

If you are on the same track with me, you may find this blog helpful. Don’t hesitate to message me in the comments section if you have any questions about this. I’d be glad to share my learning from these journey to fellow aspiring Virtual Professionals.

Thank you and God Bless! 🙂

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