My Freelancing Journey

The Virtual Assistant career is the most hype career and it boomed when this pandemic occurred where some people lost their corporate jobs and eventually shifted to virtual jobs including web designing.

Are you one of those who turned your hearts into a freelancing career like mine, So how was your journey? Maybe we can exchange discussions over here so let me tell you mine. Feel free to share yours at the comment section below.

If you might ask, I once worked in a bank but not as a web designer which is my dream job. It was a wonderful 12 years journey, I even became a candidate for promotion before I even decided to finally quit. I feel there is something that I need to do so I can finally apply what I really want to do and that is web designing.

I had my interest in web designing back in college and after I graduated, I had my other formal Web Design training from a different school. During those years we are hardly coding using HTML and CSS. However, in the present time it is way easier. That’s why I was able to get more interested in doing it and eventually, sharing it by teaching my students to realize their potentials and use web designing in WordPress as a tool, in a way that they could use it also in their niche one day.

But before digging down into details of my career path, let me itemize into order what are the things that you are about to know on HOW I ACHIEVED MY FREELANCING CAREER JOURNEY.


I pursued freelancing because of 3 things:

  1. I can pursue my career as a web designer because in freelancing, I can select my type of niche. – Web Designing is my passion. It is my dream job and this is only where I know I am at peace working that even if I have loads of tasks, I know I can accomplish them because I love this kind of job and I enjoyed doing it.
  2. I can work-from-home so I can be with my kids. – My kids are one of the greatest reasons why I need to move forward to freelancing. Watching and guiding them hands-on is perfect for me as a mother. Doing it with my career at home all at the same time is a big bonus. That’s why I worked for it so I can finally achieve hitting 2 birds with one stone.
  3. I wanted to grow in my career and have financial stability. – Since Web Designing is my passion, I know my growth will prosper further because I definitely know what I am going to do and what I am about to accomplish. I know I can serve clients better because I love what I do. When it comes to financial stability, being a Web Designer is indeed one of the good paying career online.

As my family is growing, so is the expense. And I cannot just let my kids survive, we need to live. Since I know my capacity as a Web Designer, I know I can go further. And I have to stick to those positive insights to get going.

Before leaving my corporate job, I’ve prepared by taking up numerous online training sessions and made sure that I am fully prepared before jumping into freelancing.


  1. My Upwork account got suspended
  2. Got scammed by my first client
  3. Faced several rejections from job interviews. – If you may have to experience this one, you are not alone. I guess almost all VAs have experienced this. I just have my own fair share.
  4. Took me several months before I got my first legit paying client. – If you have been impatient in looking for your target clients, listen to mine. I have also been scammed as well. So don’t lose hope, be patient enough and have lots of research and study. Master your niche and you will eventually be rewarded.


  1. I optimized my website and social media pages as part of my online trainings.
  2. Focused on LinkedIn and Facebook groups in finding clients
  3. Identified my target market and joined several groups of them
  4. Connected with several business owners in LinkedIn
  5. Tried sending cold message
  6. Focus on giving a solution for the needs of the client

When I had my first official client, I did not start immediately with a Web Design task, but as a Graphics Designer instead. So it’s okay to start small. Do not force yourself in accordance to your chosen niche right away. There are a lot of things in freelancing that you should master which will lead you to the niche that you are most passionate about. Learn as you go your way. The most important thing is, earn a lot of experience and learn from that experience.


  1. Through the social media groups which I have joined, I got to have some deals with potential clients.
  2. I always make sure to deliver quality output which are of clientele standards
  3. Be proactive and look for more ways on how you can help your client
  4. Suggest other things that you think will be helpful for your client’s business.

When you are a freelancer, you are not like an employee that just works on what your boss tells you what to do, in freelancing you go beyond that.

You work as a business partner with your client because the goal is to help your client alleviate his business and become more successful.

After 2 months of working with my first client, referrals started coming in. That’s how I grew multiple clients.

Bear in mind that word of mouth is the most effective and the most effortless type of marketing.

After one year into freelancing, I was challenged and given an offer to become a Web Design Trainer (Web Design Course).

Being an introvert, I cannot imagine myself having my own students and talking in public which are nerve wracking for me. It was one of the greatest challenges because it tested my own personality and character. But nevertheless, I accepted the offer after almost one year of contemplative realization.

I accepted the offer and took it as a once in a lifetime opportunity despite hesitations. I doubted my capacity to become a trainer and talk to different kinds of people, but  it has become a fruitful growth in my Web Designing journey.

Never doubt yourself. Never be afraid to try something new, to take opportunities because as you go along the way, you wouldn’t realize how much you have grown as a Web Designer and as a person.

I’ve got a few tips to leave with you to guide you as you go further with the same path of freelancing in a different kind of strokes, this time yours.

  1. Prepare yourself before jumping into freelancing by:
    1. Doing lots of research
    2. Identify what are the skills you can offer
    3. You can start by pursuing at your interests
    4. Be trained. Have a coach.
    5. Be part of the freelancing community.
  2. Identify your WHY’s because that will be our fuel to keep you moving.
  3. Be consistent and always take action
  4. It’s good to have your support system while you are achieving your dreams
  5. Build your brand (social media, website)
  6. Identify your target market and connect with them.
  7. Don’t be afraid to start small.
  8. Make your clients happy and you will be rewarded later on.
  9. Continue taking opportunities that will challenge you and help you grow.

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