Best Ways to Leverage Your Income as a Freelancer

Landing a freelancing job that coincides with your niche is an overwhelming and happy feeling that finally, after all this time you’ve been preparing yourself for the niche you wanted to focus on, it’s here! You are finally hired! In line with your freelancing career is financial management. And it does not only focus on you but to your client as well. To help you out with that, let me share with you some of the best advice on how to leverage your income as a freelancer in this article.

Below are the more important things to leverage your income as a hired freelancer/Virtual Assistant.

1. Adjust your rates one step at a time

It might cause a little pressure on you as you might be hesitant to suggest a raise on your pay from your client but that is very much understandable. A lot of freelancers are doubtful about doing it for some reason that they might lose a worthy client and end-up replaced by a new one.

In doing so, if you have already rendered a tenure in a specific client you have already the idea how to deal with that client and that you will already know how to approach him. First and foremost, of course, everything should be weighed by you. It is not just about the tenure, also your outputs and performances.

While most clients are sensitive to their virtual assistants’ needs, there are still a few who still need to be triggered.  Like you need to make your proposal for a raise. You just have to take note of everything accordingly.  The freelancers who last a long tenure to their clients usually perform satisfactorily, that’s why they are retained. Take a step, one foot forward, and do your proposal politely.

2. Get paid on-time or in advance

This usually happens on project-based jobs, also those jobs which require an output like graphics designs and web designs. If a client closes a deal with you, specify how many percents have to be paid in advance. This is acceptable even in digital business. So never forget to put a percentage-segmented plan to your client. A 30% – 50% advance for bigger projects is considerable.

Say, for example, a Web Designer,  most web designers have contracts where pay is stated upfront. Not that impossible for web designers because this niche is one of the most in-demand and high paying jobs.

3. Create a loyal client

While it is suggested that aside from having a full-time client, you can also do part-time work. It is very important to note that any of your clients won’t get sacrificed, especially your most loyal one.

It is understandable for freelancers to have multi-client in one shot. That’s why time management is very important so you can have your organized schedules and systematic tasks per client. Do not sacrifice anyone from your list or you will lose your credibility and reliability. The most hurting part is you will lose them all.

In order to create a loyal client, make them feel you are there for them always. Answer emails and calls without having to tell how many alibis. Perform your tasks accordingly and deliver output based on clientele standards. If your client is happy, then you too are happy.

Besides, what is the point of generating a huge income when you can’t even retain one client to become loyal to you, right? Create a long-lasting relationship as much as possible. There might be no forever in every deal, but there is what we call, retention in digital careers.

4. Become collaborative

This is the best move you can make as a freelancer in order for you to become more productive, efficient, and influential. People in the digital world with digital careers need to do collaborations so they can avoid burning out from working too much.

Deal with your teammates. Cooperate with your clients. Make friends with those you do not know from a group in accordance with your niche. By doing so, you can build a good reputation with people who can automatically become your network.

May it be an unknown co-virtual assistant or an influential client, become collaborative. Appreciate everyone, especially those in your audience and those inside the circle of your niche. And if you have built this kind of network, you are sure to generate more potential clients that would possibly mean a higher income.

Also, if you have been enrolled in a certain course for example Web Design Course, be appreciative and make friends with your batchmates and fellow students especially your coach. You are all in the same niche, you have to be very sensitive to your audience. People inside your niche will become a great help in the future.

5. Build Your Own Name

As you start your freelancing career, make sure to build your own name. This is a good start, so when you decide to finally take a higher leap on your career like building your own business, you already have the foundation. You must also take a leap for you to generate more income. This is the purpose of this article, to help you out generate a higher income as a virtual freelancer.

We all know that building your own business is not that easy, but it is also guaranteed will help you leverage your income. Business people, either digital or not, earn more than those who are employed. So keep in mind to build your name first hand. So when you decide to venture on your own, your leap is not that anymore hard to execute.

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