Important Things to Avoid Doing In Digital Marketing

In doing Digital Marketing, a social media manager or a digital marketer has to have a goal. A goal is something everyone has to set on first before heading off to something factual about business.

See, the ups and downs of a certain business depends on your purpose, your vision, and your goal. Setting an objective or set of objectives can help you avoid further failure in starting a business.

Here are a few of the things that a marketer or business owner should take note to avoid flops in Digital Marketing:

1. Strong Engagement

How will you do it?

  1. Schedule posts in all Social Media Platforms that you have. Update your audience, say HI, greet them for the holidays, answer the inquiries and just get personal.
  2. Note that when you are on Social Media, it doesn’t really mean that your audience will buy from you. It should go the other way. Buy your audience. Cultivate social media interactions. Join some fun in groups, be participative and most of all, always present your business, products or workplace, to show brand awareness.
  3. Use the proper hashtags with a high number of audience. Always use the right keywords so you can build a community of your own.
  4. Share your own contents. As mentioned in number 1 tip, get personal. Share your photos, share your activities doing your business, your bloopers, how your products or services started, how far have you gone, what is your purpose, share your own business stories. People online love stories which they can relate about, and they love to know stories and discover what’s behind the business.

2. Goal-Oriented

In doing online business, the goal is usually to generate leads and conversion. That’s why it is critical to post content not just for the sole purpose of posting it. It should be engaging and realistic.

Stick to your goal that you want to generate leads and convert them. Plan your contents, use the scheduler, and always follow them with Call-to-Action.

3. Use tools available

One of the most effective ways to promote your business is to create content which is catchy and attractive. How will you do it? EDIT.

Raw photos are okay, but when it comes to digital marketing you need to know more about editing. Use any available tools for photo editing and video editing to make your advertisements more appealing and classy.

Don’t go far from being natural, you just have to be classy. If you do not know anything about this matter, you may outsource someone to do it for you. There are a lot of agencies, and VAs available to help you figure out what you want and make them real on Social Media platforms and your websites.

4. Answer Direct Messages

Never ignore messages and comments from your audience. It’s a mortal sin in Digital Marketing. It could only mean one thing to your audience, “you don’t care”.

It is not a good impression in most instances. Tendency is, your audience will never DM you again.

Others out on chatbots to answer back on behalf of their absence for the meantime. However, it is always best to answer them right away to make them aware that you are a real person, or make a follow-up response right after the chatbot.

Also, react to the comments and suggestions from your audience. Always appreciate and say thank you. Leave them something that they can always feel better.

I mean we all experience that, right? We always feel better if someone reacts or replies to our comments.

5. Be aware of Social Media Platform Algorithm

The frequency of your posts should always depend on the Social Media platform you are using.

Facebook is good for 1 – 3 posts per day, same is through with Instagram. However, platforms like twitter should be updated 5-15 times a day. That’s how quick your life span ends on twitter if you don’t post frequently. Pinterest and all the rest is good to have 1 or 2 posts daily.

Also, add those business owners or audiences with the same interests as you. Or the same business as you. Your social media algorithm can run correctly if you follow people of the same wavelength. With that as well, you can connect to them and eventually grow your audience faster because through that you can study your competitors’ strategies.

6. Call-To-Action and Hashtags

Every after posts that you have, make sure to attach your CTAs and right hashtags. Keep them short and direct to the point. Schedulers usually have a tool inside their kits which includes suggested hashtags in relation to the contents you are scheduling. Take advantage of that tool. It will be a great help for your business promotions and Marketing Ads.

7. Keep your content simple and striking

As suggested above, editing is very important in creation of contents. However, keep it simple and catchy. Do not overthink and overdo your contents.

Just stick to your goals, your business branding, your vision, and your purpose.

For the graphics, always use your color palette and fonts. Do not go beyond that to avoid confusion from your audience. Let people recognize your branding right away because it is posted consistently with consistent branding.

For the videos, keep it short. As short as 30-seconds to 1-minute products or business advertisement. Just let the audience become aware that you exist, what you are offering, and what you sell.

A catchy or striking content becomes more engaging. So avoid overly doing it. Focus on your goal and your subject, you will never go the wrong way.

Flourish in the Digital Marketing world without having to commit too many mistakes. It is normal but is always best if you can avoid mishaps. Let experts help you get through from these mistakes. Reach out to the VAs who can help you grow your business.

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