Important Skills a Freelancer Should Have

The concept of working remotely is nothing new and the recent global health crisis has definitely accelerated its acceptance. In such a short time, the efficiencies and quality of work derived from this novel approach have shown that it is here to stay.  

Online freelancing has essentially “future-proofed” work as we know it. Remote workers are preparing a revolution in the perception of work so as soon as we have our freedoms once more, a new wave of opportunities and progress awaits.


If there is one thing that has enabled humans to survive through time is the ability to communicate. Progress is marked by the exchange of ideas by establishing relationships.

Communication is the core of online freelancing–the internet serves as a bridge to channel the continuation of work, uninterrupted by whatever challenges abound. The use of knowledge and skills enables the remote worker to make a significant contribution to a client’s needs, in exchange for compensation and recognition.

Be it a specialized skill such as accounting or a competency learned in basic education like writing, these principles are sufficient to enable almost anyone to get into the freelancing niche and grow as an individual. 


Freelancing, no matter how remote or detached it may sound, is still work. Ethics govern the online workspace and being that physical presence is not possible, more emphasis is given on discipline.

Being on time is paramount. One may not have a fixed time slot to “report” for work but one has to be available at an agreed time or number of hours daily; there is essentially no valid reason to be late anymore. Deadlines have to be met and the quality of work at that point should be at least close to the final product.

Consistency gives the client the assurance that your work quality is the same, all the time. The freelancing niche is very competitive. Your client will not hesitate to look for another worker if your output is inconsistent. Remember, there is always someone better out there– this should keep you on your toes.


Treat your client as a partner. You are not there to compete but to complement and help meet goals and solve problems. Think of your client’s success as yours too, and you will share in the blessings.

Politeness and kindness are free. A bit of understanding, appreciation and respect for each other’s uniqueness will result in a more harmonious and stress-free online workspace.


As wide as the opportunities may be for a freelancer, so are the demands that come with it. Expect differing opinions about how things should be done; some clients give you the freedom to be creative with your output while others can be very detail-oriented.

Since freelancing has literally opened the world for you, different time zones can take a toll on your work hours. Take that into consideration and adjust accordingly to be able to maximize the benefits.

Freelancing is also dynamic–things constantly change so one should be able to adapt quickly and have the willingness to make multiple revisions or variations before a client accepts a final result.

Know Your Limits

Knowing where you stand in the greater scheme of things makes it easy to gauge what performance you can expect of yourself. Walk the talk and your client will take notice and give you tasks that are best suited to your abilities.

Do not overrate yourself. Better to stick to the basic requirements for now and demonstrate your ability to improve rather than overmarket yourself and be unable to produce simple quality work.

Freelancing is freedom and gives that ever-elusive work-life balance. You are here to be the best that you can be, not to burn yourself out. Also, find time to relax.

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