Website Designer – How to handle clients

Let us differentiate what is CHARACTER and ATTITUDE.

A character is a trait of a person. Like integrity, honesty, courage, loyalty, fortitude, and other important virtues that promote good behavior.

Attitude on the other hand is the way you handle things. It is how you position yourself in a certain situation.

At work, both are very important to note especially for us, professionals. In this article, we will concentrate more on the CHARACTER.


Character is what will define your freelancing success. At the end of the day, it’s not about your skills and expertise. These are of course needed in order for you to deliver tasks. But what will sustain your freelancing success, handling the client-relationship with professionalism and integrity can be your dividing line between long term relationships, and having to start all over again.

Let’s tackle the basic characters most professionals should possess, especially us, Web Designers.

Here are some of the characters, one needs to embrace:

  1. Commitment – Make sure that you can commit to the requirements of the tasks
    • Commit to being there timewise
    • Commit to delivering expectations quality-wise

Dedication is a must in handling your task. You can never accomplish anything if your mind is scattered around and lack of commitment.

  1. Track record, not words – Many are big with words but don’t have the character to sustain success
    • Portfolios
    • Certification
    • Experience

Consistency as to maintaining your records will give you the best bag to carry as you go along with your career. As a Website Designer, you have to avoid depletion from your experiences. You have to record everything and build yourself. Never ever forget to maintain your goals and always acknowledge your success. This will motivate your consistency.

  1. Integrity – Doing things right even if no one is watching
    • Being accountable with time worked
    • Keeping confidentiality of the business info and operational procedures

A strong moral uprightness when it comes to your job as a Website Designer is the best quality of moral. Clients always prefer someone they can depend on especially as the secrecy and confidentiality of the special “ingredients” of their products or services. So in all instances, for good professional records, manage your honesty and respect your clients.

Being a Website Designer is quite challenging, right? That’s why most of us are undeniably paid high. Our field is a no joke. Reason that we need to serve what is expected from us. When the client hires us, it means nothing but “GREAT WEBSITE”. You have to bear in mind that it is guaranteed we need to deliver the output with exceptional service.

Now, here is another set of qualities we need to take note as well which are useful enough to maintain good working character:

Do not just DO YOUR JOB

When a client endorses the task, we need to do it and accomplish it. Is that even enough?

Professionals would say NO. We all know that doing the task is fine but we always have something special in mind on how to impress the client, right? We always do extra, by giving the client the rightful satisfaction and the exemplary output.

As Website Designers, we are service providers who do not just do the project. We build the project. It is like building a house fully furnished. That’s how Website Designers do it. We always offer exceptional client service and we should always give clients a sprinkle of surprises.

By doing so, we can retain customers and gain more because that kind of character will attract more and more clients. Good relationships and attachment to the task are two factors which can give you drive to accomplish the task exceptionally commendable. So, we do not just do the job. We feel it.


As mentioned above, a good relationship and attachment are two important factors. Give me some more time to elaborate it here.

As soon as you receive the project, you read it and discuss it with your client. As you go along with that initial stage, develop the attachment to the task and create a harmonious relationship with your client. Though some clients may not be as accommodating as they are, bear in mind that these are busy people. No person will even hand you the task if he or she is not in business. Business people are the busiest among us all. So no matter how they behave, create harmony. Build attachment, have a conversation, communicate. By then, clients will feel your dedication and commitment. They will become more confident that you are a perfect person for the job.

We’ll never know you might have extra pay for that, right?

Be Realistic

If you do not know something whether a simple idea of the business or the project, ASK. Do not assume that you already know everything the moment you received the project. There has to be something you need to dig. Discover what’s inside the project and always ask and tell the client the things that you do not understand.

It is always wrong to assume. Moreover, it is worse when you pretend. Remember you are a Website Designer, your output is a huge impact on the business your client is handling. Bear in mind it is his identity you need to polish. So be realistic in all aspects so there is transparency.

Get involved with your client’s causes

Say for example you have one client who is not just doing his own business. He also does charitable works. So it was a good sign for you to be more active in his business and projects. If you do projects for him and try to at least participate with his charities.

In this kind of activities, you will be able to build not only in helping out with his business, not only building camaraderie with him and other team members, but also you will be able to develop the essence of humanity within you. You might be also enjoying helping others while getting paid building projects.

So in things like this, dig deeper about the business of your client. Your constant communication with him will allow you to discover his activities. May it be a charitable organization or anything which you can get involved in. The moment you realize, you and your client are the same biking enthusiast. So get involved!

Always practice kindness

Okay, given you are a Website Designer and you are hired as Website Designer, of course. Is there any way that you can go further on that as you serve your client? YES!

You see, while you are handling your client’s projects you tend to see the holistic view of it; even tend to see the competitors. You make research and you always want a better site. Other professionals then to help on resolving other business concerns by speaking up their ideas about it. By being kind enough talking to your client about it, you might be able to help him with other concerns in his business, not just building the site. Clients appreciate team members’ pure involvement.

Always answer your client

Communication is the key to a healthier relationship. So be alert in all emails, phone calls, chats and other means of communication your client is sending you. It is also a sign of respect.

Life is not a bed of roses

There is always a bad day. Most of the time it is on MONDAY. Manic Monday is real. As a Website Designer, you have to take note of it. It is part of our job. That’s why honesty is a must in all instances. If you can’t finish the task, be open to your client. Let him know your concerns but always take note of the proper timing. You might send him a problem on his most stressful day. In business, stress is unlimited. Choose the day which is lesser.

Practice Courtesy

Greet your client even during his bad day. Say your good morning, your HI, your Thank yous and the rest of your kind words. Always be polite to your client even how grumpy they are sometimes. Don’t get affected and do not absorb the negative energy. Just be grateful and tame the day.

Let’s start building you as an exemplary Web Designer you could imagine.

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