How to Build a Professional Website

It’s 2023! Yes, that’s right “IT’S 2023!” Do I sound late for the new year?

Nah! I was just telling you that 2023 is a crucial year for small businesses to have an outstanding digital presence. Yep! To own a website even if you are a small one in the business world, building it is multi-faceted and it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT digitally nowadays.

Why? Because you are going to optimize your target audience in the digital world and in 2023 this means half of the world sees you.

How will you do that? To be honest, you need to OWN A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE.

Stop lagging behind. Have an edge among all your competitors. Your website is your physical beauty if you’re dealing with business online. Wear a good one.

So what should be the requirements in building a Professional Website? Like how should you build it?


Do you remember your science class? I am not educating you with science subject here but I want you to remember that all science projects which deal with experiments begin with OBJECTIVE. You have to know the PURPOSE.

Ask yourself: “Why do you want to build a professional website?” Know the Purpose. There should be a match between your purpose and your design. Synchronize all your objectives and all the services that you could offer or the product that you want to be displayed and seen accordingly by all your target markets.

A good marketing kick with strategic planning is a good factor that could make your website serve its purpose. You don’t want to have a pretty floral decorated site when you want to sell mechanical services to your customers, right? That’s just so out of context. So stick to your plan and define your objectives.

Identify your Goals

Will there be any specific identity to be utilized?

Identification of your goals will help you figure out the utilization of your website. Oh! This is deep. Okay, let me help you with this one-by-one:

  1. Play with your competitors by picking out the elements. How do you do this? Visit and have a look at their websites. If it takes you to subscribe, you subscribe. It’s like having a frienemy and studying their moves.
  2. Write down your goals. Make it clear and put it on your calendar so you can be reminded all the time throughout the process that you are building your website. So you won’t stroll around thinking and forget the purpose of what you are doing.
  3. Remember that a clear purpose is the number one factor to achieve your business goals. So stick to your plans and don’t get lost.


Your objectives, your goals, your purpose. Once these three are identified and are clear to your plans, you can make a clear research on how to make your website work.

Especially if your target markets are clear to focus on, you can study building your website well and utilize all the resources available for you.

There are some apps and software online that can help you decide on your website building and how it should look. As a web designer your imagination should be unlimited for this. So study the whole website building and serve its purpose accordingly, so your target market won’t get confused with what you are selling and how your website reflects upon it.

This serves as your site map. Meaning, people can locate you because you place your website clear to the audience.

Layout your Website

After the sitemap, a layout should also be done. Layout in website building is also called a wireframe. This is created by showing the basic elements of each page on your website.

Examples of pages are:

  1. ABOUT page
  2. SERVICES page
  3. CONTACT page

And all other pages that you need to serve the purpose of your website.

The layout is your audience guide to where they should go while on your site. It’s like you look at a map and locate where you want to go. Eg: CALIFORNIA. After you reach California, what do you want to do? You want to go to a coffee shop to have a sip of the hot dark chocolatey drink that you like.

The layout and the pages in it allow business owners and audiences to see the core functions of your website. You have a site map, then you have a layout that confirms that both parties are on the same page.

Your Preliminary Design/Model

Once you have already built your pages, you can now view the preliminary design of your website. It is called PROTOTYPING which means a mockup of the live website, which allows you to have a glimpse of your website’s functionality. The prototype will typically show you the desktop and the mobile-friendly version of the website. So
whatever and wherever the customers prefer, they can access your website.

This is where engagement happens. So it is essentially needed for you to have it optimized by having funnels, and all the needed information, so your customers will get hooked on your services or products offered. They will be triggered with their curiosity and scan a lot more on your site.

Remember, the more the customer stays and scans your website, the more possible it is that he will sign-up or subscribe to you.

Content Creation

You just don’t create or write any content. It should get along with your products or services and the design of your website. Customers do have this judgment on how you put into place everything on your site.

Content write-ups and /or copywriting in your site should also be optimized. Organic optimization gives it a feel that your site will be recognized outside of it. A simple word search can lead to your site if the contents are properly optimized.

Content optimization is just but another course you need to study so you can understand how this works to your website.


This is the best feeling after all of the hardships and brainstorming that you have for your website. This is the mixed feeling of excitement, anxiety, worries, happiness, and the like which you can’t understand how you really feel. Some will even get stomach upset.

Going live is both crucial and achievement.

In going live, you can’t just back out anymore. Once your website is live, it is guaranteed accessible. So make sure everything is already final and in place. When your site is live, customers can start to visit it and, in turn, start entering your sales funnel. Make sure you optimize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your Lead Generation.

A live website means you go for the next strategy. You are on the ‘nth’ step higher already. Plan A is over so it’s time to move on to the next. Engagement here is crucial. Here you must learn the balance of marketing and website management. Make sure your website is indeed professional.

We all know how it feels, when you just look good and shallow inside, right? So let your website get optimized. Make it “What you see is what you get inside” and you are good to move forward. Learn every day and study your strategies every day.


There are a lot of site builders available online. WordPress is one of the best among them. Aside from being dynamic, it is also very manageable and easy to study.

You don’t have to become an expert when you use WordPress. A simple basic idea can get you going, you can build one. Some got to experience a cheap and free website and end up being paid for it.

The best thing about website builders like WordPress is the availability of templates.

You need not worry about some needed things requested by customers. You have enough things and tools available for you to build a professional website that can be marketable and can attract a lot of customers.

Final Words

I may sound so easy in most of my blogs regarding website building. But I must say that building a professional website requires skills, unlimited imagination, effort, and investment.

Skills – you have to possess an interest in website building. Only skills can trigger your interest. Once you know something and you want to know more about it, you are skilled in it.

Imagination – it should be something free to you so you can plan properly. In web designing this is one of the most invisible talents.

Effort – it takes your physical activities and time. Building professional websites needed these factors from you. As the saying goes, No Pain – No Gain.

Investment – you should study how and what. Invest in yourself the qualities and the knowledge which will improve you not just your skills but you as a person.

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