Virtual Assistance here, there, everywhere

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf” (Jon Kabat-Zinn, an American professor and founder of Mindfulness-based stress reduction). None of us was spared the impact that this pandemic has brought to the world. “The great equalizer”, as it is called by many, has surely revealed an unpleasant surprise that has swept so many off their footing. But the beauty of human adaptation and resilience is our ability to make do with almost any situation and make adversity work to our advantage.

Sometimes, the best way to get to the other side of a bad situation is to ride it out. The digital world has had a rapid evolution in the past year alone. It has shown that so many platforms have suddenly adapted to doing things remotely; our definition of the traditional way of interaction is now giving way to virtual existence.

A large chunk of the business community has adapted to and has learned to trust, albeit quite hesitant at first, to the myriad of opportunities for growth that the virtual world has to offer. As the COVID wave hit, many were suddenly left jobless as companies struggled to maintain their businesses. However, as quickly as this inevitability set in, adaptation became a byword pretty quickly.

Keep on moving   

Time waits for no one. Nowhere is this more real than with the challenges that abound. Despite all the negativity going on, there is a pleasant realization that the skills we have learned both in school and at work can be an asset in these changing times. These very skills can be put to good use in the digital age. Modern entrepreneurs recognize that there is a plethora of talent available from people that would otherwise have to limit themselves to their office job description to function. Virtual assistance has enabled people to share and tap their hidden talents to expand their horizons and make use of creative abilities that would have otherwise been wasted or limited by the dictates of office work. You can make money out of your artistic ability through Web Designing, for example by being your own boss! 


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Many consider this a very good example of the concept of synergy. When two forces combine, the resultant output, by tapping into each other’s strengths, can be exponential. The opportunity for growth between the client and virtual assistant is mutually beneficial and can lead to a very successful professional relationship.

So many industries now rely on virtual assistants to get things done. From a business owner’s standpoint, the desired results can be achieved very quickly since the virtual assistant can do it at his/her optimum productive timeframe within the confines of a safe and comfortable location (nowadays, mostly expected to be one’s home). As a VA, you are assured a steady and stable income (for the duration of the contract, at least) without the worry of having to dress up and go to the office. Oftentimes, this also opens opportunities for VAs to be employed overseas, virtually of course, with companies that pay good salaries and thus broadening one’s horizons as far as having a feel for how other countries’ work disciplines are.


In a highly competitive world, people want things done yesterday. Virtual assistance affords you the ability to accomplish tasks in near real-time, thereby increasing productivity both for you and the client. Best of all, for the VA, your most sought-after work-life balance can be finally achieved. Do you feel like taking a break and say, step out and have a walk around the neighborhood or play with your kid for a while? Office work cannot make that happen, but a home office sure can! Do you want a 3-hour lunch break? Go ahead!  

Being a virtual assistant enables you to harmonize the things that matter most to you with your professional responsibilities by tailoring your work and personal life in a way that best suits you. In the end, it is a win-win situation.

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