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Pandemic has by far caused a lot of downfalls affecting almost all of the livelihoods, households, especially our health and safety. We can even enumerate the unlimited negative effects of pandemic up until now. However, if bad things can go wrong, sometimes it has the brighter side in it. How? The digital side of life. In our advanced technology nowadays, pandemic has created greater leverage in AI and automation. Thus, online businesses and online jobs flocked like you are just a niddle inside. It went massive that percentage of global digital users has tripled its number on a daily basis. There, the use of social media has become the best friend of all global citizens.

With the advantage of staying at home, social media is the only way where people can interact despite all the protocols. We get to learn new things about digital media, social media, and the whole idea of the internet.

People are getting more exposed most especially to the stress-relieving beauty of social media. People get to get introduced and get engaged with Tiktok most especially. Tiktok is the only social media platform where demographics from children as young as 3 years old up to the grannies as old as 60 years are accessing Tiktok and taking their own videos to mend the sadness of lockdown.

This has become a huge advantage to online business owners. The strong impact of social media and the rampant exposure of the people accessing it every day has helped business owners to make their digital presence more effective. Many business owners have expanded their brands and build them all on several social media platforms not only on Facebook and Instagram but also on Youtube where online businesses are also in high demand from the users accessing it. Also, Pinterest and Twitter where people get to have exchanges of opinions which can also help online businesses with the right marketing strategy on each platform.

So how would you take advantage of the social media platforms, if it really works for online businesses?

Use the advantage of a Social Media platform that works for your brand

Stretch out your presence. If you have not been using any social media platform, you have to do it now. If you have been using only one or two platforms, leverage them. You may also use the most popular platform now which is Tiktok and Instagram. Images and videos have a really strong impact on people’s attention.

Most people got lazy eyes on reading but when it comes to interesting content such as catchy images and strong video content, people tend to focus and give it time.  So if you are wise enough, you may use these social media strategies to your own advantage.

Through having different types of social media platforms, you easily become visible to people. Organic approaches by using strong and catchy content, post all of them on a daily basis, answering all the inquiries of the audience, reacting to their comments, saying thank you to all of their commendations and suggestions, these strategies can help become stronger gradually. People always notice something on social media especially if you are on business. You must be very careful with your interactions and your replies to queries.

You don’t have to be present on all social media platforms. You just need to be there and use the platforms that suit your branding well.

Be cautious and aware of your demographics

All social media platforms have built-in insights. These insights are very helpful to all online business owners using social media platforms. Why? It can tell you who are your greatest fans online. From the age range, location, gender, and passions or interests.

Use and analyze these free built-in insights to your advantage. Because from there, you can adjust your daily posts or contents depending on who is your strongest audience. From there, you can expand and ignite the whole of your online digital presence. Fire up your business right away from there. This is one of the best marketing strategies which can help you grow your followers, generate more likes, and eventually generate leads and converts.

Be authentic and raw

See it big and keep it simple. What does it mean? You have to think of something that is non-existent and make it to your advantage. Be authentic when you have to become present on social media using your branding. Your branding must be unique and not a duplicate from a competitor or else you will get sued. Become aware of the things that you are posting and you are presenting online. People are so vigilant online. They notice everything from the tiny pieces up to the bigger ones.

Become raw. It means that the more you are a real person doing real business online, people will like you. Take a look at the Tiktok presentations of online business owners. They are just being themselves. Presenting their products and services in a human-like manner. Human-like means you are not a robot online unless your business is about robotics.

Final Word

As I said, you don’t have to become present on all social media platforms. You just have to be there and use the platform that suits your branding well. Use up all the advantages that are free online. Nothing can beat the freedom you can choose from social media platforms. You can even grow followers and generate leads without having to create paid ads.

If you are strategic enough especially in digital marketing, you can use an organic approach to strengthen your online business. If you are hesitant to do it, no worries. We are here to assist you and bring that strong digital presence to life for you.

Talk to us and let’s start from there.

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