Digital Marketing: What’s IN and What’s OUT for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing is the big business owner’s favorite business strategy. Why? Because aside from its obvious digital power which can really generate leads and increase your digital presence, it is as well have numerous offer on flexibility. It is indeed the all-time favorite of business owners but how about those owning small businesses? Will small business owners also benefit from the perks and favors which can be offered by digital marketing?

The answer is of course, YES! Business owners, big and small can enjoy the flexible benefits and gain from its cost-effectiveness which leads to your best competition. You have all the edge when you get engaged in Digital Marketing.

So to keep you IN with digital marketing, here are the clear views that you need in order to learn and get enlightened of the benefits and the downsides of Digital Marketing being applied to your small business.

1. Go LIVE!

“I choose a lazy person to do the job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” – Bill Gates

Now, what do I mean by this? I quoted Bill Gates because there are a lot of lazy people online. Even your potential buyers. I am not taking it the negative way, it has in fact a positive impact on your business. Lazy people prefer watching videos and looking at the images being posted on social media. So my first and my best advice is to GO LIVE!

Streamline your business by creating podcasts, youtube vlogging, posting video advertisements, and just GO LIVE. Small businesses benefit best from this type of digital marketing strategy. In the Philippines alone there is a lot of potential audiences who prefer watching Live streaming, live videos from their favorite vloggers, and watching video advertisements of the products they are looking for. So it is undeniable that there is always the presence of deeper relationships between sellers and consumers. Interactions are different when business is going live. Even the pandemic cannot interfere with the establishment of interactions.

So if you are venturing into a small business nowadays, try the best way to do marketing. GO LIVE!

2. Have Social Media platforms

I mean, you were just advised to go live, right? So how can you do it without having a Social Media accounts? Create one or more.

For over the years, social media is the best abode of people around the world that even digital marketing has to get it in and apply itself. The best platforms for small businesses are those engaging in eCommerce like Itsy and Shopify. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok are 4 of the proven best social media platforms as well to perform digital marketing.

Social media presence in making and doing business online is cost-effective. You will spend nothing by building your own social media business pages. You just need to have some knowledge of how to do it, prepare your products and service to offer your audience and you are good to go. Once you already created your business pages, you need to build them by posting quality and relevant content, becoming consistent, automating content, and getting personal with your potential customers.

This way, there is a huge possibility that you could earn reach and engagements. Just use proper and relevant hashtags to get into the communities that your business can be exposed. Don’t forget to pay attention to your insights especially the demographic analysis. And always take advantage of the Marketplace offered by some platforms just like FB Marketplace.

3. Storytelling

Storytellers have the most viewed content. So if you are willing to get engage with millions of active users, tell something about you and your business. Advertise, promote and start with a helpful and interesting introduction. The storytelling platforms which you can use to introduce and promote your business is by doing podcasts, vlogs, polls, like the number advice which is the Go LIVE. Live sessions and telling you are a genuine, legit, and real person, people will appreciate it.

4. The Beauty Inside Out

How can you see the beauty of a person? It is by looking at the person itself. That is the same in business. Start with yourself, start local, before spreading your wings to target the international scene.

The beauty of something can be appreciated if it comes from the inside. Start with one step at a time. The moment you can make connections locally, the international scene could be way easier than starting a giant leap and targeting global citizens. Start from where you are. Enjoy the trends in your local place, local audience, and use the techniques of digital marketing strategies that always work for you and your business.

You may notice that the best strategy is always into the quality and relevant content. That is so basic that common sense can even detect. Because people are lazy to read so many things on social media. Always use video content and quality graphic designs or catchy raw images. If you do not have much time to do this, you can always hire a VA to do it.

We are willing to help business owners who wanted to outsource some help in order to assist and help them manage their business. Discuss your concerns with us.

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