Business Talk: Is there a need to be present on all Social Media platforms?

The direct answer is NO. Social media platforms are created in various forms and purposes. Each has a unique algorithm and style from which you can choose. Choose for what? Your personal choice and that of your branding. Each entrepreneur or even small business owner has their own choices and styles when it comes to branding and how to present their business in public. These social media platforms are there to help you clear your thoughts on what to do and what to put up so that your audience can see your business presentations.

So how can a business person know which platform suits her needs?

I may have a few things to suggest but I know these are very helpful so that you can finally have the social media platforms that you need.

Identifying each Social Media Platforms and their behavior

1. Demographic research: Know your audience

Remember this will always depend on what products and services you are selling. As a business owner, you should know better which audience are you targeting. That’s why there is a need to do demographic research about which type of audience would you want to serve. To give you an idea about generations, most teens and younger generation nowadays, prefer to stumble themselves on Tiktok and Instagram. Kids love interacting on these platforms. They are the fasting to react as well. And mind you, these younger generations can spread a single post in a massive way of attraction. They usually set the trends. If you are lucky enough, once your content is catchy they will keep on resharing it. This way, you could get easily noticeable to the public. That is what we call effortless marketing strategy, the power of content and timing.

For most elder generations such as parents, working professionals, and those who belong to the baby boomer generation, you can always find them on Facebook, and LinkedIn. They are also present on Twitter, especially those who are highly opinionated. This age range also loves to watch youtube. In these platforms, you may also choose which one suits you well. Always consider the platforms with which you can cope and that which your target audience is also there.

2. Content creation and scheduling

You may like all the platforms available at hand, but can you cope with your content? Content creation, generation, and schedules are not easy. This can affect your business if not properly handled. A content and a social media platform should coincide and fit each other. I mean, you cannot just create a non-moving graphic on youtube, right?

Youtube, for example, requires good video editing skills. Everything should be in a form of video content. You need to also have a person who is an expert in the creation of thumbnails. For Instagram, there is a need to be really good in graphics designing. Everything about Instagram should be a perfect graphic design, must be catchy, and trendy.

As to scheduling, you need to choose your audience locations and pick the best time to put all your content in the right timing and/or scheduling. You cannot just schedule content where all your audience is already asleep. The tendency is, your content will never be noticed.

3. Always choose the platform that is inside the trend

Tiktok for example is the best platform that is on the trend. Everybody loves to be in TikTok. All digital marketers would surely agree that is platform is the most effective nowadays. However, if the platform is not the one you are up to, always consider tip number 1, always choose the platform where you can find a huge amount of audience you are targeting.

4. Business Analytics

Each social media platform has its own insights and metrics where you can do your business analytics. Use that tool in order to analyze the performance of your content and which platform is serving you well. After all, the return on investment (ROI) matters the most, right?

I mean we don’t just build our digital presence to get noticed, but we also need to strategize in order to manage the returns on our investments. Once you had your business analytics finalized, you can eventually choose the best platform that suits your needs. You can then manage what type of content would you like to share and you can as well figure how to promote your branding and catch those audiences you are targeting.

In business analytics, you can also figure which marketing strategy is best to use to ensure your advertising need.

Final Word

Building your digital presence using social media platforms is vital for business owners. This way business people can showcase their products or services well and make their target audience aware of their branding. However, there is no need to be present on all social media platforms. Two to three platforms are enough to build your digital presence. Just choose wisely which ones suit you and your business best.

If you still cannot make up your mind and are still fascinated about which social media platform to use in order to make returns on investment get back to your pocket, seek some advice from the experts. We are here to help you.

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