Be a Digital Mercenary

Once upon a time, the term “freelancing” or “freelancer” had a lazy or even shady connotation to it. People would scoff at hearing the word thinking the practitioner is a dubious character with no clear source of income for he/she cannot even define the real nature of the job. The word “free” seemed to mean loose or unclear–unfairly judging one’s intentions and abilities. Admittedly though, some of this is quite true. It was a smokescreen some people put to say they are doing something.

But as new awareness arise, such as the emphasis on a healthy work-life balance, flexi-time policies, and focus on one’s well-being among others, freelancing has slowly evolved into a respectable and acceptable means of describing one’s work. And then COVID hit–in less than a year, it did a wholesale change of definitions we were so used to. It has reoriented how we view life in general and just as we felt we were all invincible with technology’s advancements and the human race’s superiority with almost everything on this planet, a microscopic virus chose to intervene.

In less than a year, the well-deserved appreciation for freelancers has been thrust into the limelight. In more ways than one, the understanding of the work that people do in the background and the output they produce has revolutionized how we see work.

Remember, in warfare, it’s the one flying below the radar that stokes the greatest fear for the enemy and an advantage for the victor.

Less is more

People nowadays rave about efficiency. When the camera phone was created, people laughed at the idea because it was outside of their comfort zone. You must have heard yourself say that no phone can ever rival the picture quality of a dedicated camera. Now, I bet you own one. Remember in 1876, Rutherford Hayes, the then US president had this to say about a new invention, the telephone: “That’s an amazing invention, but who would ever want to use one of them?” Yes, we laugh at it now, but it was matter-of-fact then.

Fast forward to today, communication is comfortably ensconced in your fingers through your smartphone or tablet. Chances are a good chunk of your work is done through these devices, anytime and anywhere is the byword. No excuses anymore.

Freelancing fits this definition very well. At the end of the day, time has proven that the evolution of work has let go of conventional wisdom in demanding formal education and “office experience” to be considered for employment. With the abundance of certified and recognized online courses now available, the same results and qualifications can be virtually achieved. 

Under many circumstances, freelancing has become the do-it-all, one-stop-shop to attain the requirements that companies need from their employees. We are now very much in the result-oriented mindset and freelancing has proven that more can be achieved with less.

It’s a win-win situation. The client gets the best results and the freelancer always has the best time for peak efficiency.

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