Basic Requirements of Being a Freelancer

Requirements to Become a Freelancer

1. Computer hardware and software

Becoming a freelancer is a whole new different setup from being employed by a company. Once you got hired by a company in an office setting, everything is being provided to you. Because you are considered self-employed, you have to provide space from your home to serve as your regular workspace. And of course, have your computer hardware and software ready.

Working online would need you to have a laptop or a desktop with 8G RAM, a stable internet speed, and at least a Dual-Core processor. These are the basic requirements applicable mostly for doing administrative tasks. Higher specs, faster internet speed, and bigger memory storage are needed for anyone doing video editing and the likes. Once you already have an extra budget because you can get retainer clients or work for at least two or more clients, then by all means upgrade your computer software and hardware however you want to.

2. Soft skills and hard skills

Soft skills and hard skills are both essential which should be related to your chosen niche. Start by identifying your skills and abilities. This may be a natural ability of yours or maybe honed from your previous work experience/s. This is then where you can choose a niche that might interest you.

If you have chosen a niche or a specific type of work that interests you but you don’t have the set of skills needed, you can take pieces of training, watch videos or read articles about these. These are all available for free on the internet with just a touch of your finger. The good thing is some of these even provide certificates which can be presented to your future clients. You may opt for paid pieces of training or videos if you have the budget. These mostly come with a mentor who may help you with all your questions and guide you as you get your first client. This is a big help if you are lacking the confidence to start your career as a freelancer.

The right time is now to show the world your creativity.

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