Attract Your Target Audience using Social Media with These Steps

Followers and subscribers around social media play a great part in your business online. That’s why it is a PLUS when you get to connect with your audience very well. Most followers and subscribers have the same interests and have the same fundamentals as your business. That is most likely almost a hundred and one percent bull’s eye when you get to convert higher numbers of it.

Though most entrepreneurs might get caught under Expectation vs Reality kind of thing when it comes to social media, simply because of expecting too many followers in the end, they’re taking a hard time gathering simple LIKES and simple REACTIONs which reflects impressions and engagements front of the target audience.

In social media, it’s hard to build a network of people that have the same interests as you and it is harder to attract people to pay attention to your business. With the existence of scammers and fake people around the internet, the audience you are targeting might be too vigilant not to even give you a simple CLICK.

So, the question is, How can I build a business online if I don’t even know how to attract my target audience around social media? Well, it’s hard to gain recognition on social media especially if you are selling something or rendering some services. However, there are easy ways which are born secrets and only dedicated entrepreneurs can discover the treasure chest of secrets.

In this article, you’ll find out what are these potions which you can use to keep the audience eyes on you.

  1. Audience with the same interest

The amount of followers and subscribers that you have on social media is not a guarantee that you have the right audience. Followers and subscribers are usually your keys to locating your very target audience that would surely convert and patronize your products or services.

Many followers and subscribers would interact with you on social media but would never convert. So how will you know that the audience has the same interest as what you are doing in your business? It is by answering the inquiries. Be present and be patient in answering their questions. There might be some who would ignore you after you gave your answers, but most of those who are asking for answers are usually interested.

  1. Promote your business consistently

Post on your social media platforms consistently even if the audience is ignoring it by not reacting or not engaging at all. If they are not minding what you are posting, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you and what you are promoting. It takes a lot of time and patience to get the right audience. The right one will surely follow you when the best time comes. Also, a consistent post every day means you are legit. It confirms your legitimacy especially if the contents you are posting are relevant and would always speak about and the needs of your target market. Promote your business diligently, people will surely notice.

  1. Keep it LIVE!

Promote SALES, CONTESTS, and let your audience TAKE THE ACTION. For example, give them the chance to share your content, Like your page, and invite their friends to do the same. This type of contest will increase your followers which can absolutely lead you to the right ones who have never noticed you from the start. Let them know you are legit by giving prizes to your contests and promotions. Always remember scamming is a mortal sin for entrepreneurs.

  1. Go Personal

Show your audience that you are alive. You are a person and not a robot online. Doing business online is not just about selling products or services, it is also about caring for your audience by keeping yourself true online. Do not just post about promoting your products or services, also give your audience some helpful tips, The HOW TOs, where to get the best buys, and something about you like how will you inspire them to get engaged in entrepreneurship. This way you might have some people who would want to deal with you and would become your potential resellers or raving follower.

  1. Start with your family and friends

Family and friends are your strongest backbones. You need them when you start a business. People especially your target audience would eventually patronize you when they see how you treat your family members or friends. This will reflect your social relationship and your social responsibility.

  1. Build a good history for your business

Starting from scratch struggling is not a hindrance to moving a little higher constantly. Building a business is never easy. It has its ups and lows even in the most successful business already exist. Create a history that would become your pattern of inspiration. You may document your story and see your growth right before your eyes. This will also remind you of your humble beginnings, your hardships in all aspects: spiritual, emotional, financial, mental, and physical. On a moral note, a documented business on a daily basis can keep you grounded and determined. Your perseverance increases as your business progress.

  1. Be collaborative

In business, it is normal to compete. But on social media where influencers and competitors are global, you cannot just simply stick on competition, BE COLLABORATIVE. This will help you increase your followers and would lead you to a more diverse and globally engaging entrepreneur. Most audiences with the same level of interest as your competitors would notice you more if you collaborate with the right influencers. It has been proven that reaches and engagements increase doubled when you get to collaborate with the influencers who can get along with you really well and would really try your products or services.

  1. Join social media communities and groups

If you are able to join relevant groups and communities around social media, you will surely hit the red dot with no sweat. Most communities and groups which are related to your business already have an ample amount of people who would have the greater possibility of giving your business a shot. So when you are doing this step, always pay attention to your demographic insights and your messages. People might flock in there, asking for your answers and making some series of queries.

  1. Schedule posts

There are a lot of schedulers available online which also includes free services. These are Later.Com, ContentCal,, Hootsuite, etc. Scheduling can save your time and effort every day. All you have to do is to analyze the everyday posts already scheduled and just process the target audience through reaches, impressions, and engagements. Hallelujah for the conversions!

  1. Don’t forget the HASHTAGS

The purpose of hashtags is to lead your posts into public inside the right target community. Hashtags help you find the right audience that would surely become your potential leads and converts. So always post relevant and catchy content, informative and interesting captions, and DON’T FORGET THE HASHTAGS.

Increasing your followers is not that easy and at the same time not that hard too. So with these secrets above-mentioned, you will surely have hints on how to do it on social media. If you need extra hands to help you, we are ready to help. Send us your concerns, let’s chat.

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