Hey there!

My name is Michelle Macaraig. I’m a Web Designer and Digital Strategist Virtual Assistant working with business owners and entrepreneurs in designing their website and helping them manage and grow their business through digital solutions.

What I do

Web Designer and Digital Strategist Virtual Assistant
Design Digital PH – Web Design and Digital Business Solutions
June 2018 to Present

Web Design Course Trainer
FVA Business Consultancy / Surge Freelancing Marketplace
Jan 2020 to Dec 2021

Web Designer
FVA Business Consultancy / Surge Freelancing Marketplace
Sep 2018 to March 2021

Project Management Associate
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Jan 2006 to June 2018

Work Experience

Education and Trainings

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
AMA Computer University

Creative Web Developer Certification
Informatics Computer Institute

The Freelance Movement Tribe
John Pagulayan

WordPress & Technical Virtual Assistance Training
Work from Home Be Awesome

Pinoy Modern Digital Marketing Course: Facebook Ads + Messenger Bot + WordPress + MailChimp + SEO

Freelancing Course / ClickFunnels
Filipino Virtual Assistance

Let me share with you a few background how I started my journey.

I left my corporate job of 12 years from a bank and started my Freelancing career last June 2018 because of the following WHYs:

  • To be able to take care of my kids and family while being able to work from home
  • To pursue my passion on becoming a Web Designer
  • To achieve time and financial freedom

Thankfully, I got to work with several clients internationally and locally. The experience is so thrilling not only because I was able to pursue my passion on being a Web Designer, but more than that, I realized that it’s a fulfilling chance being able to help clients and business owners build their online presence and grow their business.

On Jan. 2020, I started training people about web design and digital marketing. It was a great and humbling experience being able to teach and impart my knowledge to students who were also aspiring to become freelance web designers.

From being a solo freelancer, I have decided to upscale my business and collaborate with fellow freelancers to work with me on projects. Together, we’ve formed Design Digital – Web Design and Digital Business Solutions. I wanted to offer a comprehensive package of creatives and digital solutions, tailored especially for women entrepreneurs, business owners, and coaches. My colleagues possess a diverse range of creative and digital marketing skills, and I have personally trained them in Web Design and Digital Solutions. This ensures that we can work together seamlessly to deliver high-quality work and support for businesses and entrepreneurs.

I’ve started this business with a mission to:

  • Help business entrepreneurs design their digital presence, manage and grow business through Web Design and Digital Business Solutions.
  • Help fellow freelancers especially newbies get hired by businesses around the world.

Some more information:

  • I’m happily married and a mom of 3 kids. My family are my greatest WHY, why I started my freelancing journey. This is also exactly why I understand the challenges and struggles of women entrepreneurs like me in running an online business.
  • 100% Introvert and I love to stay at home, that’s why working from home is a great fit for my personality
  • I’m a believer of God, and I love serving and working with fellow Christian Entrepreneurs
  • Aside from web design, Music is also my passion. I’ve been serving as a Church Musician since 2005, using my skills and talent to give back to God all the glory.

Thank you so much for your time getting to know about me. And hey, please share also something about YOU. I’d love to know more about what you do and feel free to let me know what challenges you have right now in running your business.

Let’s have a chat!