A Freelancing Blueprint of Becoming a RockStar Web Designer

A common goal of all freelancers is how to become in-demand skilled professionals rocking their own stage. And as a freelancer ourselves we’ve got the same target, “How to become a Rockstar in freelancing”. With our own choice of niches, we all know we can be the best of what we can become. A little bit of passion, talent, business savvy, time management, purpose, commitment and focus are our top most ingredients in our kind of recipes.

Web Designing, as we all know, is one of the most undeniable in demand jobs in freelancing. Realizing that most clients love to have people of Web Designing to become part of their teams that is given.

In this article, I will share with you a few of the best things that you could add in building your own Blueprint and drive your own way to the roadmap of success in Web Designing.

Here are the things that you should take note:

1. Document all necessary information

Data gathering should always be the first thing that you should do in order for you to make a good start. A freelancer should always have ample data and information needed so that jumping into this kind of job wouldn’t make you have a lot of struggles.

You can make your own research through google. There are a lot of suggested items Google has for you. Also watching YouTube, to give you at least a little more idea on what to do next. You can also ask your friends or relatives who are into the same kind of niche. And one of the best suggested strategies to attain the best information is to enroll in a freelancing course like Web Designing.


Being a Web Designer means investment. So take note of some things in the list below:

  • Domain name and hosting services
  • Marketing materials
  • Related software
  • Work space
  • Subscriptions to needed resources
  • Also take note of your living expenses and contingencies


Rockstar web designers do have more than one client. That’s why time management is vital. Whether you are a project based web designer, which is very common, or a non-project based, time management is the number one thing you should memorize and put into practice daily.

So for you to start this freelancing career, make sure you are willing to work more than the usual needed for a regular employee.

2. Have your own branding

Identity is important in all aspects. That’s why we all have ID cards to present ourselves. This is not only for us to be known by some important institutions or be identified by others, but also this reflects our credibility. That goes the same with web designers.

Rockstar web designers understand the role and importance of having a brand name. I have known no one in my clientele who has worked with any freelancer or doesn’t have his own branding.

In my article, Building an attractive Web Designing Business Brand – Simple Step by Step Guide, I have specified in there the detailed tips on how to make and build your own branding as a web designer. You may check that one out or simply click the highlighted title. The tips there can help you pull off a great idea on what to do next in order for you to design yourself in the freelancing world.

3. Have your own Website

In the article entitled How Much Can You Earn as a Freelancer?, I have specifically enumerated the most important things for you to take note so that you will be properly guided when it comes to building your web designing portfolios. Remember that building a portfolio for this type of niche requires your knowledge from basic to in-depth so that clients will book you to build websites.

So how will you build your own website without having a little knowledge about it? That’s easy. The reason why I am here is to guide you all the way until you rock the web designing niche.

4. Build your resume

While you are on your way to learning how to build your website, you can start building a strong resume. Let’s face it, everybody starts with the basics.

You should always take note to make your resume be ready all the time. I have had several students in my class who have been hired while they are still building their own portfolios. And most clients would really ask about the resume.

5. Look for clients that can help you build your career

As a newbie, don’t be scared of applying to jump off to this kind of job. There are a lot of clients out there who are looking for inexperienced freelancers and would be willing to help newbie web designers. Choose this type of clients for a great start.


There are apprenticeship stages, free services stages, and trial services stages. This means that you might not get paid but you can start building a stronger portfolio from there.

Making money is never easy especially for a newbie. That’s why, I have to be very honest with you when it comes to this. However, on the other hand, a few others are lucky enough to achieve a starting career with pay. So don’t take away the optimism in you all the time.

Some ways to get paid while being a newbie in web designing is that:


Advertise yourself and your branding. Specify your niches and always put your contact information. Strategize using Social Media platforms and decorate your website from time to time with your blogs, graphics and videos is possible. Get noticed from there!


With being nice and kind to anyone you can build a good network that might lead you to your target client. As I am always saying “The power of words”. Build a good network. Join groups related to web designing. Connect to people in LinkedIn, especially those with the same niche as yours.

6. Use your strongest clock

A web designer is not a job you can just dictate. Many web designers can draw and finish the job in hours or days because their body clock and the timer itself coincides. There are times a web designer cannot even finish a simple assignment in one hour. Why? Find out below:


Time can greatly change if you are on a certain assignment. Identify the volume of your assignment, build a timeline, set a deadline before the deadline of the client, and set your clock to the time where you can work best.


Avoid laxity and procrastination. As a web designer, you can be at your best if you train and practice your niche on a daily basis. Successful and rock star web designers always finish their job well.


Not all clients will motivate you. It is a matter of self-discipline. Motivate yourself by getting inspiration where you can get it from. That way, you can always do you job and accomplish your web designing goals.

7. Plan ahead your business

Tired of facing this tip? I understand. Building a business plan is really boring and tiring. Read along the attached article for you to get driven in building your business plans.

8. Get noticed

  • Apply for freshly posted jobs. Don’t apply on days old ones.
  • Join forums. Most clients are from there.
  • Be convinced that you are a good web designer despite being a newbie. Be confident about it.
  • If you are not qualified, avoid application. Always take care of your credibility.
  • Filipinos are born English-speakers and grammar conscious. Apply these qualities in your application. Clients can always notice typo errors.

9. Post your blogs

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to get noticed in freelancing. With great ranking in search engine, and as well as gaining popularity by obtaining reactions and comments, this is another best way to get noticed and is inevitably interesting in web designing community.

10. Join groups and forums

Avoid doing it alone. Always have in mind to get noticed. Remember that a newbie needs more friends and groups than anybody else. Build a network by joining groups of the same niche. React to forums and grow your circle. Learn new things and always take note of what other professional freelancers can share with you. Be supportive as well to fellow newbies and professionals. Improve your current abilities by gaining feedbacks.

11. Have your own working space

It is a must that you need to separate business from personal life. So, HOW WILL YOU SET-UP A HOME OFFICE? What are the necessities? Find out here.

Fully segmenting your business life from your personal life can make you focus better. Nothing beats a well-organized and decluttered room, time, money and files. Practice these tips everyday as you grow as a web designer. They can really help you achieve a more efficient and productive day.

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