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What are the key challenges you're facing in your business?

Are you a business owner struggling to keep up with the demands of running your business? Do you find yourself in need of support and guidance to navigate the digital landscape effectively? If you resonate with these challenges, know that you’re not alone.

We understand the unique hurdles you face in managing your business. We recognize the overwhelming responsibilities you juggle and the lack of support that can leave you feeling drained and unfocused. It’s time to break free from this cycle and reclaim your passion for making an impact.

We know that your time is precious, and it’s essential to streamline your day-to-day tasks to focus on what truly matters: serving your audience and growing your business.

And YES, that’s exactly where we come in to help.

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I’m a Web Designer and Digital Strategist Virtual Assistant. We specialize in designing personalized web solutions and digital strategies for business owners like you.

Imagine having a beautifully crafted website that not only captures the essence of your mission but also attracts and engages your target audience. Picture having a digital strategy in place that consistently drives traffic, boosts conversions, and generates revenue, allowing you to expand your reach and impact. It’s all possible with our expertise and support.

Our Creative and Digital Solutions

By partnering with us, you’ll no longer have to face the overwhelm alone. We’re here to provide you with the guidance, resources, and customized solutions you need to overcome your unique challenges. From website design and updates to task management and revenue optimization, we’ll work hand in hand with you to achieve your goals.

Our approach is rooted in understanding your specific struggles and aspirations. We take the time to listen to your heart and align our strategies with your values. Together, we’ll create a digital presence that reflects your mission, resonates with your audience, and empowers you to make a lasting impact in the digital realm.

Website, e-Commerce and Landing page Design
Social Media Management
Graphic Design and Video Editing
Virtual Assistant and Digital Solutions

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“I was really in a bind when I met Michelle. My previous VA had moved on to coach other VAs, and I needed someone who could dive into my business quickly. Michelle learned my business in record timing, and quickly met every single admin need I had. Including: going above and beyond to learn new software, platforms, and always providing everything I needed (and the things I didn’t know I needed). Her graphic work, admin work, and customer service on the back end has been nothing short of amazing, and I am grateful for our relationship! She manages all aspects of my website, and the results are always beautiful, professional, and easy to use. As my business grew, I needed more VAs, and I trusted her to hire the right people (and she did!) 
I also coach other health coaches, and refer my coaching clients to Michelle’s team for VA services because she is simply the best at it. 
I trust her insights, and she is a valued and important leader on my team.

Becki Siconolfi

Hormonal Nutritionist & Fitness Coach

The thing that impressed me the most about Sheng is her ability to create amazingly detailed graphics with a high end feel. I didn’t need to provide much direction to help me with tasks, and she took it upon herself to research exactly what my niche needed, and execute it on a very high level. Thanks to her, I have a beautiful graphic presence on all major social media channels, a corporate client, and thriving supplement business. She always goes above and beyond to make sure she produces beautiful work! Sheng will always be a valued member of my team!

Becki Siconolfi

Hormonal Nutritionist & Fitness Coach
After many failed logo creation attempts using designers from Fivrr, I was relieved to finally find Rovie. She somehow knew EXACTLY what I wanted, even though I was struggling to put it into words. She has created a perfect logo that reflected my brand not just once, but twice! It looks extremely professional, and high end. Thanks to her work, I have been able to brand a website subscription, small group training program, supplement line, corporate nutrition services, and VIP one on one coaching with high end brand recognition.
I will always use Rovie for my branding needs!

Becki Siconolfi

Hormonal Nutritionist & Fitness Coach

Working with Michelle has been amazing. She’s extremely professional and dedicated. She always gives 110% to all of the projects she’s done for me and the quality of her work speaks for itself. I would recommend her to any online business owner who wants to maintain and uplevel your businesses website or virtual presence.

Sharice Styles

Branding Consultant for Christian Women

It’s been a pleasure working with Rovie, she’s been a great addition to the team Michelle has put together for me. Her work is professional and efficient. 

Sharice Styles

Branding Consultant for Christian Women

Michelle’s team is amazing. She listened to what I needed and used their
expertise to help create a fabulous website.  Her team was available and
quick to make any changes that were needed and to offer their expert
advice along the way. She has a calm, patient, persona which helped too.
The website they created really expresses my business exactly what I

For Belle, it was amazing to get expert professional support. Belle was
very patient. She completed everything I asked for in a short period of
time. The end result was exactly the website I needed for my business at
this time. I will indeed use her services again in the future and highly
recommend Belle.

I highly recommend Michelle and her team for your business
needs. Thanks Michelle and team.

Maureen Tuitt

Counsellor/Speaker, Life transformation Strategist

My current VA Michelle has been doing a great job of communicating with me, keeping my website updated and creating and posting social media content.

Darcy Brelsford

Hope-made Designs

Michelle and I have been working together over the past 3 months where Michelle has designed, developed and implemented many new projects.

These projects have included a new website, landing pages, marketing funnels, email sequencing, presentations, video editing and integration of new systems.
Michelle has been a delight to work with. She is reliable, fast and thorough, always activating and implementing in short time frames.

Catherine van der Meulen

Think Business Coaching

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Don’t let the weight of running your business hold you back any longer. It’s time to take control and thrive in the digital space. Let us be your trusted partner on this transformative journey. Reach out to us today and let’s embark on a path to success, hand in hand. Together, we’ll turn your challenges into opportunities and build a thriving digital presence that truly speaks to your heart and serves your mission.

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